4 Marketing tricks to get more online customers

The volume of online business in India has increased by 36% in the last quarter of 2020. With this number only set to increase despite the economic slowdown, many businesses are looking to online marketing to grow their business.

Online marketing offers an inexpensive way of reaching your audience. However, if you want to intensify your marketing campaigns, you can take a business loan to fund it. With the right business loan eligibility, a little bit of investment in online marketing can go a long way.

1. Social media marketing –

The strongest tool of modern marketing is social media. Building your social media presence is a sensible way to build your business. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest double up as marketplaces, given the sheer volume of customer engagement they attract. From video content to micro-posts, there are dozens of ways to reach out to your target base. You can hire a social media agency or hire in-house to optimize your social media presence. You can get the investment amount you need at low business loan interest rates with the right lender.

2. Content marketing –

Not to be considered an offshoot of social media marketing, content marketing can be carried out in SEO articles, in-house blogs, and articles. While marketing your content, do not forget to add visual elements such as infographics, templates, graphs and charts, videos to your content pieces to increase audience engagement and recall. Besides, this will ensure that your content can be shared easily on social media too.

3. Use Google –

Google, where about 3.5 billion searches are done daily, is a valuable platform to market your business. It also has many free tools to offer. For example, “Your Google Business Profile” helps your business shine in Google Maps and the local section of Google searches. After creating the business profile, update your contact information, link to your website, and store hours. You can also invest in Google Ads, a paid service, through a business loan that will enable you to reach more people.

4. Email marketing –

It is an effective marketing tool to build a strong personal relationship with your target audience. Receiving a personalized email in their inboxes boosts their confidence to carry on with you for future endeavors. Consistency in sending emails and unique content can build customer loyalty and keep your brand relevant in the eyes of your customer base. Through email marketing, you can offer discount coupons, reward points, and similar promotional campaigns.

When executed well, marketing campaigns can deliver an assured return on your investment. If you plan on accessing a loan for your marketing expenses, you can have a quick look at the EMI you will need to pay by referring to a business loan EMI calculator.


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