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5 of the Best Markdown Plugins for WordPress


Markdown is a quick and green manner to write down content material for the web. We sang its praises and listed its advantages in our previous article, How Writers and Bloggers Can Make the Most of the Markdown in WordPress This observe-up put up is a short reference of the nice plugins that will let you use Markdown from within WordPress.

By default, WordPress has no Markdown guide. The outstanding issue approximately WordPress is that you may add extra capability with a plugin. The way these plugins take care of Markdown is pretty distinctive, so select carefully—you’ll need one which suits into your workflow and has the features that you need.


If you propose to use a separate Markdown app for writing, and also you’re satisfied to transform your content material to HTML before pasting into WordPress, then you definitely ain’t need any of these. WordPress will in no way see Markdown. Alternatively, you could use Markdown QuickTags and convert to HTML from inside WordPress.

If you’d pick to paste your Markdown into WordPress and leave it that way, you’ll need a plugin to render it into HTML on the fly, so it could be displayed in your visitors’ net browsers. Typewriter and Markdown for WordPress and bbPress are correct picks. Just don’t deactivate the plugin, or your visitors will just see the Markdown version of the page!


But if you need to paintings appreciably with Markdown within WordPress, then have a look at Jetpack, WP-Markdown, and PrettyPress. Out of these, Jetpack is the maximum extensively used and supported and has the gain that it no longer only converts your Markdown to HTML mechanically, it additionally keeps the Markdown model for destiny modifying. On the opposite hand, if you value a preview pane so that you can see how your Markdown might be rendered on the fly, check PrettyPress.

When writing with Markdown, continually use the text editor and no longer the visual editor. You’ll avoid surprises with formatting that manner.

Have we ignored your preferred Markdown plugin? Let us recognize in the feedback.

1. Jetpack
Cost: Markdown is available in Jetpack’s unfastened plugin, though paid plans are to be had with additional themes, protection features, and aid

The original Markdown text you write will usually stay in Markdown, this way you may pass again and edit it the use of Markdown. Only the published report – the post or the web page – may be transformed. If you write a put up in Markdown, it is going to be published as a fully formatted submit for your weblog, but when you cross returned and edit, it’ll nonetheless be in Markdown.
If you’re simply installing Jetpack for the Markdown functions, then have a take a look at JP Markdown.

2. WP-Markdown
The plugin hasn’t been up to date in over two years. I haven’t come upon any reports of issues, however, check it before use.

Three. PrettyPress
Cost: free, with a pro version (that gives shortcode previews) for $10
Active installs: 600+
Rating: four.7 out of five stars (13 opinions)
PrettyPress no longer only helps Markdown, however, gives a live preview of your post even as you type.

Posts are stored in HTML and converted to Markdown as needed. Most opinions are very high quality, but one person complained that the plugin doesn’t do an incredible process of changing from HTML back to Markdown when modifying antique posts. Your mileage may additionally vary.

Four. Markdown for WordPress and bbPress
Cost: unfastened
Active installs: 500+
Rating: Five out of 5 stars (1 overview)
This plugin permits you to shop your posts in Markdown format and renders them to HTML on the fly.

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Markdown syntax lets in you to jot down using a smooth-to-examine, clean-to-write plain textual content layout.
You can use it at the side of something like Markdown QuickTags (under) so you can depart yours publish in Markdown format for future modifying.

Five. Markdown QuickTags
Cost: unfastened

Markdown QuickTags is a plugin for WordPress which replaces the HTML editor with a Markdown-enabled set of buttons and features. It can edit Markdown for saving, or render the completed Markdown to HTML if you decide upon. You can preview the rendered HTML at any time, and there’s even a full-screen enhancing mode.