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Beauty, grace, thriller — this dazzling spiral galaxy has all of the features of a really perfect galactic Valentine. The galaxy NGC 3344 offers itself face-on, allowing astronomers a detailed take a look at its complicated and fashionable structure. And Hubble’s ability to have a look at gadgets over a huge range of different wavelengths famous functions that might otherwise continue to be invisible.
Beauty, grace, mystery — this dazzling spiral galaxy has all of the qualities of an ideal galactic Valentine. Captured by means of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the galaxy NGC 3344 provides itself face-on, allowing astronomers an in-depth look at its complicated and elegant shape. And Hubble’s capacity to study objects over a huge range of various wavelengths reveals functions that might in any other case continue to be invisible.

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Spiral galaxies are a number of the most outstanding points of interest within the sky, however, to an observer, they do no longer all appearance the equal. Some are seen part-on, giving astronomers an extraordinary concept of the galaxy’s vertical shape; others are seen at an attitude, imparting a hint of the dimensions and shape of the spiral hands; even as others are seen face-on, showcasing their arms and vibrant center in all their splendor.

Approximately 20 million mild-years away in the constellation of Leo Minor (the Lion Cub), NGC 3344 is visible from a panoramic face-on perspective. Half the dimensions of the Milky Way, it’s miles categorized as a weakly barred spiral galaxy. The relevant bar is just visible in this image, interested in Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3: an elongated lane of stars, trailing thru the nucleus of the galaxy. Astronomers estimate that -thirds of all spiral galaxies are barred, which includes our own Milky Way.

Hubble’s capacity to look at celestial items in extraordinary wavelengths allows us to see extra than simply the spiral hands sweeping out loosely around the center in a fantastic whorl. This photograph is a composite of pics taken thru unique filters, ranging from the near ultraviolet to the optical and the near-infrared. Together they show a greater whole image of the galaxy than the human eye on my own ought to in all likelihood see.

The swirling spiral palms are the birthplace of recent stars, whose high temperatures cause them to shine blue, ensuing in them being easily identifiable in this photo. Clouds of dirt and fuel allotted via the spiral fingers — glowing red in this photo — are reservoirs of fabric for even extra stars. The shiny jewel-like stars on the left of the photo, but, are an awful lot toward Earth — they belong to our own galaxy and just took place to photobomb this Hubble picture.

While its face-on orientation reveals tons about NGC 3344’s detailed structure, this galaxy is still enigmatic; astronomers have noticed that some of its outer stars are transferring in an atypical way. Often, the high attention of stars inside the center of a galaxy can have an effect on the actions of the outer stars, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case in NGC 3344. Astronomers suspect that these weirdly behaving outer stars may virtually have been stolen from some other galaxy, after a near encounter that befell lengthy ago.

The place of NGC 3344 is also interesting. Our galaxy is part of the Local Group, which is made of about 40 different galaxies, with the Andromeda Galaxy being the largest member. But NGC 3344 is not a part of a neighborhood galactic neighborhood like we’re. It is truly part of a small spur that leads off the larger Virgo Supercluster — a gargantuan collection of several thousand galaxies.

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