AEC to review resilience of electoral structures

The Australian Electoral Commission is taking no possibilities with the resilience of its outdated IT structures following speculation that overseas cyber attackers stimulated the outcome of last year’s US election.

The employer is making ready to observe the safety of its core electoral structures ahead of the following federal election, which might be held in either 2018 or 2019, to identify any vulnerabilities that might be lurking.

Likewise, it is eager to avoid a repeat of the final 12 months’ DDoS attack on the Australian Bureau of Statistics census answer. Like the Census, federal elections are considered the most important peace-time logistical event in Australia.

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AEC’s present-day election and enrolment control structures have been first delivered within the early Nineteen Nineties. However, a loss of funding with the federal government’s aid has caused the want for either considerable upgrades or alternatives of the organization’s two core structures.

Last month, a parliamentary committee determined the getting old IT systems risked compromising Australia’s federal voting machine’s integrity without the allocation of additional investment for an IT overhaul.

“Voters have to have faith within the election result and truth that no bias or errors have prompted the outcome. Change is now imperative to maintain this self-assurance, and the AEC wishes additional resourcing to keep tempo,” the report stated.

The joint committee also cited that “cyber protection threats to Australian electoral method need to be successfully identified and mitigated” after the AEC recommended that the age of its structures rendered them susceptible to evolving cyber threats.


The company has taken the findings of the board committee. It is presently on the hunt for employees to conduct a holistic safety overview of its IT surroundings and propose how any vulnerabilities are probably addressed.

It needs a number of its structures to be reviewed, inclusive of the electoral roll control gadget that is used for polling region control and vote count tabulation, in addition to the company manufacturing community, wi-fi community, email gateway, and its AWS hosted public web servers.

“The AEC is based on a couple of structures to deliver a federal election effectively. These system paintings collectively to provide the infrastructure important to both without delay deliver an election, and to offer company lower back-office guide for a team of workers involved in the election”, a quick at the virtual marketplace states.

The overview will consist of an active compromise strive from both within the AEC community and externally and a review of the enterprise’s current Splunk security monitoring configuration before and after the compromise attempt, the enterprise said.

Penetration trying out might be performed on the operating machine, alongside restricted software layer checking out, firewall and ACL testing (at the server degree), and database and community equipment security control checking out.

Additionally, as new, greater powerful processors grow to be had, developers need for you to combine those components into legacy systems without rewriting programs.

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