Android Versions And Features

The Google foray into the smart telephones and tablet’s market has given the start to various Android versions. Android is the Google operating machine used to run devices on mobile telephones and pills. Due to the popularity of Androids, there has been a mad scramble by way of primary telecommunication manufacturers along with Samsung and Motorola to combine Android updates into their merchandise. This has caused a sequence of Android software program updates and the most current has been the creation of the Android 2.X and three.X variations

When buying smart telephones and tablets, it is very essential to know, which included features are of advantage to the user. This will allow the consumer determine to buy both a smart cellphone or a tablet. The Android 3.X is the maximum latest version and is designed to run on pills. The majority of cutting-edge cell telephones run Android 2.2 or 2.Three versions. In addition, the Android 2.3 is encrypted with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). VoIP certainly approaches that the Internet networks may be used to make phone calls over the net. Adobe Flash is likewise protected from the Android 2.2 version. The benefit of having Adobe Flash on these gadgets is that it’s easier to create lovely apps containing snapshots, audio, and video.

Newer versions of Androids run on drugs. The most important development of the modern Android three.X variations is that it includes such functions as document advent, HTML5 tagging, establishing widgets, and jogging downloaded apps and games. These apps and games can be downloaded directly from the Android market and the Amazon Store.

With the massive popularity of social networks, websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook has to turn out to be very famous. One of the latest capabilities at the Android 3.X capsules is that it has come to be an awful lot less complicated to play music and release Facebook. Social networks may be released faster thru the brand new home screens established on those devices.


Another luxurious feature that may be used thru more moderen variations of Android is access to garage centers consisting of Dropbox. Dropbox may be very treasured because free customers can use it to keep up to 2 Gigabytes of their private statistics. This records may be accessed via the user from anywhere consisting of their cellular telephones, tablets and any pc that has Internet access.

The modern-day model of WordPress has additionally been included into more current variations of the Android operating gadget. WordPress is currently the maximum popular running a blog and content control software inside the global. WordPress has grow to be the primary software for launching web sites due to the big number of plugins that can be included for less complicated utilization.

Doubtless, product launches of more Android versions will soon be available in high road shops. This is due to the fact Google’s Android generation is loose and for this reason, Telecom organizations do not must pay for utilization. As an end result, more cellphone and tablet manufacturers will convert to Android generation. This will benefit Android users as greater of their pals will convert to Android gadgets.


This weekend, I visited a friend who has now replaced his Blackberry Playbook with Android HTC Sense tablet. I took the satisfaction to play around with the device, and with an open mind. I actually have to say that I changed into actually blown away by means of how entire HTC Sense (Android four.Zero) felt. It is without a doubt awesome. As I browsed through the alternatives, one factor dawned on me, which is – it’s far handiest a depend a remember of time earlier than we start seeing Android on Desktop PCs. Such became the herbal experience.

The key query is; how are different tablet operating systems (OS) going to compete with Google Android? Honestly, I think it’ll be difficult. Especially for Blackberry maker RIM. As RIM keeps begging for greater time to launch a reputable finished operating gadget for both their telephone and tablet devices, it seems Android is moving at light pace in viral mode. While this text is primarily based on Tablet marketplace, I will be using telephone and tablet interchangeably because of the reality that the drift at once into one another.

Android vs Blackberry

This is a no context. As much as I cherished Blackberry gadgets, they are now out of contact with contemporary needs. As I said in advance, RIM is pushing the subsequent main revamp on their smartphones to Q2. That honestly would not ambitious well for an employer this is already suffering. RIM’s enterprise model is the primary killer. The truth that they manage the completely eco-device of hardware and software program has resulted in expectation overload. Whereas, Google can simply attention on getting Android ready while producers training session how excellent to present it on their hardware. Let’s extra on rapid to the real challenges… IOS and Windows eight pill.

Android vs iOS

Today, Apple’s iPad which runs iOS is the biggest competition for Google’s Android. IOS have become the benchmark whilst it turned into released but is facing severe opposition from Android in phrases of raw feature ability and customization. To similarly make topics complex for Apple, they appear to be walking alongside the equal route as RIM’s antique commercial enterprise version of tightly controlling both the hardware and software. I do not suppose that this can keep up nicely in the hot tablet marketplace. It could be very hard for Apple to be as progressive as Google in that branch and records confirms this if we examine the effect Android has had in the cellphone area. To further quantify the factor that I’m seeking to make, Apple dropped from 65% to 54% between September and December of 2011. Main beneficiary being Samsung that rose from five% to thirteen% throughout the identical length.

Android offers a lot in phrases of customization of device and bendy eco-device for person interplay and that makes Apple’s iPad less appealing choice. While Apple attempts to entrap purchasers in its eco-system, Google’s Android liberates them from being tied into one. This turned into apparent whilst my friend’s brother who bought an iPad2 due to the fact he believed that it was the handiest he ought to seamlessly use his other iOS related documents, was given HTC Sense to play with. His response? He was left in entire awe. I assume that his reaction is indicative of what we’re going to start seeing this 12 months. If Apple fails to absolutely revamp iOS on iPad3, that is due later this yr, I expect that could end up the beginning of the end of the robust market proportion that Apple currently enjoys. Price margin is now also coming underneath intense pressure.

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Oh yeah, to actually understand the energy of innovation primarily based on Android, then test out the video beneath of Asus Transformer Prime. It become made remaining 12 months and similarly indicates why Apple’s business model on their hardware will now not preserve up inside the innovation branch towards Android primarily based devices. There are actually way too many of them that it makes it an unfair warfare.