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If you use the famous blogging website, Blogger.Com you can have discovered yourself questioning if there has been a manner to “get dressed up” your blog with a brand new template.

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If this is you, then Google’s got a few good news! Their new Blogger template designer is now available to all of us by way of default, and the fine art of it is that you don’t must understand any HTML or CSS code to use it. If you’ve got logged into Blogger recently, you may word that you now have a modern window that pops up announcing the brand new template dressmaker. Once you log in, if you do see this window, click the “Try it now” button in case you don’t; here’s a way to get to it to check out a few new designs yourself:

Login to your account at Blogger.Com
Go to the “Design” menu.
Select “Template Designer” to be the remaining item in this menu.
On the left, you’ll observe there are 4 exceptional links you may click on. These are:

  • Templates
  • Background
  • Layout
  • Advanced

The first component you may need to do is select a layout from the packing containers on your right. These are entitled:

  • Simple
  • Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • and Ethereal

Notice that as you click on every one of these designs, you will see a preview of that design with your cutting-edge blog in the window simply underneath these selections.

Each of these designs listed above will have diverse additional choices you can preview. For instance, if you click on the “Picture Window” selection, you will see which you have 3 alternatives to choose from inside this foremost template selection.

Just preserve clicking thru the designs until you find one you like.

Once you have selected your layout, you could then click the hyperlinks on the left. Note but that no longer all template choices could have extra options.

For example, in case you choose “Picture Window” and then click on “Background” from the menu on the left you will be able to pick an extraordinary color subject matter in your blog.


But right here’s something you won’t recognize. If you pick out a template that allows you to alternate the history, you will see a small arrow after the photo. It truly is displayed simply beneath the heading “Background Image.” If you click this arrow, a new window will pop-up permit you to choose from multiple one-of-a-kind varieties of backgrounds for your blog. They’re even prepared with the aid of the kind of photographs they’re with a menu on the left.

You may even select the layout you want and drill down even similarly to trade the format of your footer as well as the width of your weblog, which can be extremely useful if you intend on putting masses of pix inside the left and right-hand margins. This width adjustment permits a larger textual content place to make your weblog less complicated to study.

Finally, if you’re as much as it, there may be an “Advanced” hyperlink.

This will let you change lots of excellent information about your blog, which includes the font which you’re the use for the name, the color of that font, the way you need your hyperlinks to display, what you need the backgrounds of your tabs to appear to be and so much more!

The fine issue approximately every of that advanced info that you may trade is that the color choices you’re given all correspond with and paintings properly with the template layout you’ve selected.

In this manner, you won’t, by chance, have purple textual content on a crimson history or something that won’t appear very expert.

All in most of these new designs are welcome modifications for Blogger fans. New templates have been a long time coming for this popular and loose application, and to be quite honest, the new designs are fun to play around with as properly!

template170-3.jpg (1600×1271)

I recommend that you take a look at these new templates and see what designs you may give you if you have some more minutes.

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