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Building Static WordPress Websites Fast and Easy


First, you need to find a nice template that you like. There are many unfastened WordPress template websites. It may be very clean to discover Go to Google or any preferred seek engine and do a search for” Free WordPress Templates” or “Free WordPress Themes”.

Static WordPress website hardly ever wants the weblog objects like calendars or archives and so forth. An easy solution is to navigate to your WordPress administration panel to design>widgets. You can then add or subtract the widgets you want and you could make the sidebar look exactly as you like. This manner you don’t need to touch any code.

Now for the plugins. I advocate these primary plugins.:

Add the multi-function SEO plugin.

Add the privacy coverage plugin. Optional, however, I always have a privateness coverage on my sites.

Add a sitemap plugin if you need. This is superb for engines like google to locate all of your content.

Add a Google Sitemap and sign in it at Google. This is very critical and could help you do well in Google.


If you want AdSense or affiliate banners upload the advertisements supervisor plugin or any of the other WordPress plugins available. I like and use commercials manager. It may be very versatile and it could additionally can be used to effortlessly upload other types of banners to a page and manage it by the Admin panel. With ad manager you furthermore might need the Exec-PHP plugin. This is genuinely essential this if you are going to difficult code consists of into the template. I use it to feature banners to the sidebar via widgets and the text widget. If you don’t know what this means then you may forget it.

Find the plugins at WordPress.Org or do a Google search for every of the above plugins. If I am seeking out a few kind of plugin I usually do a Google seek by “key-word” and then “WordPress plugin.” I always navigate to the author’s web page for the modern plugin and instructions on how to use the plugin.

Activate the plugins in your WordPress admin panel. They are placed inside the plugins hyperlink to the right if you are the use of WordPress 2.5. Again, I recommend that you examine the commands that are at the character author plugin web sites as to the way to use every WordPress plugin.

Create a page. Label it whatever you like. Scroll down the page writing panel to the “all in one search engine optimization” vicinity and upload key phrases and description on your web page. This is the same as adding the key phrases and outlines to the meta content inside the head part of your template.

Scroll down some more to comments and pings and turn off “Allow Comments” so you won’t see a person remark field. I want my site to seem like a static web page so I do not need comments. If you need additionally un-test Allow Pings. It is up to you. I always un-take a look at both.

At the lowest of the web page, you will see a “web page order” location. If you want to have a sure order in your pages for your category menu then name the page you want on the pinnacle of the menu 1 then the following page you create 2 etc. You can later trade the order of your pages by using the usage of this feature. This is good so that perhaps a sales web page could be on top.

I additionally have a tendency to apply the subcategories Parent – infant plenty. As an example, I will make a web page known as “articles” after which upload exclusive article pages as a subcategory to articles. I then add a few form of creation to the principle article web page and feature the opposite articles without difficulty accessible off the main article web page. A great contact for me is that I want to find a template that has a horizontal menu bar with drop down lists. I think it seems very stylish. For me everything is then neat and orderly. But this method is as much as you.

In the WordPress admin panel go to settings>studying. On top, you may see studying settings. Then “the front web page displays”. In the front web page displays test the radio button “A static page (pick out below)” and then from the front web page drop down menu click on the page you want to use for your front page. That page I typically title Welcome or I will upload a keyword rich name. If you don’t want any title to depart blank.

With just those little modifications you have the start of a static website with WordPress. The key is to use pages as opposed to posts, upload keywords and outlines thru the “all in one search engine optimization” and your website online is a surely first-class static website. Remember you can manage the manner the sidebar appears with widgets.

allegiant-best-free-wordpress-theme.jpg (1200×958)

Do no longer pick out templates that employ the WordPress tagging characteristic to start with. Some of these templates are called newspaper issues. They are a bit harder to do and take a touch greater to apprehend. Once you grasp the basic look then you could branch out and strive the tagging features of WordPress.

You can add to this basic method to make your web page even extra person-friendly. Again, the above guidelines will come up with a primary static and amazing looking internet site.