What to consider when choosing an overhead crane

Sometimes, a lot of loading and shifting might involve one’s work, and one cannot do all that labor alone. Lifting equipment is the best solution when you need to lift heavy objects from one place to another. For this, an overhead crane will be the best respite. An overhead crane is usually called a bridge cane and is used to lift heavy loads. It consists of a lifting mechanism that includes a hook-and-wire rope lifting mechanism dropping from an overhead beam running on rails supported by a steel structure called runway beams which normally are attached in the modern steel-structure workshop. Overhead cranes will not leave you in a humdrum situation when you need to lift abundant heavy loads yourself. There are overhead rails attached with hoists and motors with the help of which these cranes work. Investing in an overhead crane needs some thought beforehand as it includes some important factors and criteria. We provide you a few of those factors you need to consider before buying an overhead crane:

overhead crane

  1. Structural components:

The structural components are important criteria when it comes to choosing an overhead crane. Cranes have different materials, like steel or aluminum. It all depends on their strength; mostly, the steel ones provide higher strength and durability.

2. Capacity:

The crane’s capacity depends much on whether your crane is a single girder gantry or a double girder gantry. The double girder cranes can lift twice the weight of the single ones. The capacity of the crane is an important factor. The capacity doesn’t depend on the weight of the hook or the moving pulley block. When the weights are much, there are two lifting mechanisms used, one is the hoisting mechanism, and the other is the sub-hoisting mechanism.

3. Measuring workspace:

While checking the overhead crane’s working, you need to measure the workspace where your crane will function. Examine the height and width of your building, along with making sure if there is any obstruction in the path of the crane or not. It is essential to survey any of those factors. It would help if you also kept in mind the weight or load you need to lift and find the crane size that fits it.

4. Latching system:

The latching system is important as it determines the strength of your overhead crane. If there is any fault in the connection or the crane’s hook latch, it can be fatal, causing serious injuries to people and chaos. It is important to make sure that the latching system is safe and secure from the workers’ safety point of view and other people involved in the process.

Thus, purchasing an overhead crane is a big investment and helps a lot in improving your business’s operations, be it constructional work or moving heavy loads from place to place. They are an important facility in today’s times and a useful necessity for easing the workload.


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