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Encuentran malware en plugins de WordPress


Las herramientas de creación y gestión de contenidos, y de páginas internet, han posibilitado que esta gestión sea mucho más accesible a millones de personas. WordPress es uno de los CMS, o sistemas de gestión de contenidos más usados de todo el mundo. Mediante él se pueden crear páginas net, desde cero o a través de miles de diseños y temas disponibles, que se pueden personalizar casi hasta el infinito. Precisamente esta es una de las causas de su éxito. Esta personalización se basa en extensiones y plugins (complementos), desarrollados por terceros. Muchos de estos plugins son gratuitos, y otros son de pago, pero todos ellos permiten a los creadores de la web realizar múltiples cambios sin necesidad de tener profundos conocimientos de programación.

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El problema es que estos complementos, como decíamos, están desarrollados por terceros, y algunos de estos complementos han sido detectados como fraudulentos. La compañía de ciberseguridad G DATA ha advertido de trampas colocadas por ciberdelincuentes en algunos complementos para WordPress.

La mayoría de los plugins que se pueden instalar en las webs de WordPress están disponibles a través de la propia plataforma de gestión de contenidos. Como si de un marketplace se tratara, tan solo hay que buscarlo, seleccionarlo y descargarlo, para posteriormente instalarlo en nuestro WordPress.

Sin embargo, algunos de estos complementos se encuentran en webs externas, y hay que descargarlos en el propio equipo del usuario e instalarlos desde el ordenador al WordPress de nuestra web. G DATA ha localizado una de estas webs de complementos que ofertaba miles de plugins modificados con código malicioso. Los complementos estaban disponibles de forma gratuita, y además l. A. Net está muy bien posicionada en Google, por lo que llegar hasta ella technology muy fácil para los usuarios y potenciales víctimas.

Una vez que se instalaban en WordPress, estos plugins maliciosos podían mostrar anuncios no deseados e incluso crear una backdoor o puerta trasera, a través de l. A. Que los ciberdelincuentes podían acceder y plagar el sitio net de malware. Los investigadores han realizado un informe sobre este caso que se puede consultar aquí.

Como consejos, siempre se deben contrastar las fuentes desde las que nos descargamos temas y plugins para WordPress o cualquier otro CMS, asegurándonos de que provienen de fuentes oficiales y desarrolladores fiables.

If you have got by no means built an internet site before, one of the quickest and simplest ways to get your first area stay and operational in only minutes is to install WordPress on your website.

WordPress is a running a blog platform that lets in you to have a pre-constructed internet site for free in an effort to let your attention on the more important objects like content material, and if you prefer it, sales and profits.

WordPress Benefits

In more than a decade online, I have literally built dozens of websites, many from the ground up… But in view that I discovered the ease of use and effective flexibility of the WordPress platform, I am building most of my most modern websites underneath this Content Management System (CMS).

The motives I opt for the WordPress running a blog platform are many, but I will sum it up with the following five key benefits:

1. Quick and Easy Installation – If you have an internet hosting business enterprise that runs cPanelX as your webmasters’ manipulate panel (a few of the more popular web hosting companies do), then you may discover an alternative on your manipulate panel known as, “Fantastico De Luxe”. When you click on the Fantastico icon, you’ll be taken to a page in which you could add a multitude of loose applications for your website, by following a few easy commands. Just click on the WordPress link to install WordPress on your website. The software program will ask you a few simple preferred statistics, then do the overall install of one of the most latest WordPress builds into your website.

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2. Website Themes – Few site owners need to apply the familiar WordPress Theme that ships with WordPress. The default WP Theme is apparent Jane, and to my taste, perfectly drab. There are many folks who design custom WordPress Themes that you may easily upload in your domain, to alternate the appearance and feel of your WordPress website. Some of the WP Themes are paid versions, but most of them are loose. There are multiple thousand themes loaded directly into the WordPress website ( wordpress.Org/expand/themes/ ), from which you can select, although you aren’t confined to simply the topics loaded into the WordPress internet site.

Three. Website Functionality – Just like with the WordPress Themes, if there may be a specific functionality you need your weblog to carry out, there are programmers available who’ve made WordPress Plugins so that it will do for you those things you would like to do. There are almost 8,000 WordPress Plugins on the WordPress.Org website ( wordpress.Org/increase/plugins/ ), and hundreds greater that aren’t in the WordPress database. If you find a Plugin you want, just download, unzip, and add it to the precise Plugin directory to your blog. After you’ve got uploaded the Plugin, simply go to the Admin area of your Blog to spark off the software program.

4. Open Source – WordPress has been built in PHP, and its source code is visible to everyone who desires to look at it. On top of that, WordPress has blanketed complete documentation and various features to assist programmers work within the WordPress Codex. Anyone with a minimum information of PHP can program WordPress Themes and Plugins, without an excessive amount of attempt.

5. Self-Updating – In recent versions, WordPress has blanketed a function so that it will notify you if upgrades are available for the simple WordPress running gadget or your preferred WP Plugins. When upgrades end up to be had, you will be notified, and regularly you best need to click on a link to routinely set up the upgrades and updates.

I have a friend who’s a PHP coder by the alternate. I attempt no longer to say WordPress in his presence, due to the fact every time I achieve this, I get an ear-full of “WordPress Sucks…”

To be honest with you, I still like WordPress… I like it, because it is easy to install and preserve, and I can enhance it without difficulty by using the use of templates and plugins.

I am a coder, however, lifestyles are too brief to spend all of my time coding new websites… I am happy to spend my time growing content with a view to lead to income… So for me, WordPress is good, and I am satisfied to place it on as many websites as I want to do…

If you are new to the Internet, you then would possibly agree that WordPress is a blessing to those people, who have more crucial things to do than to recreate the wheel…
From its inception 2003 to 2016, the WordPress has also marked primary modifications with loads of subject matters, plugins, tools and libraries release and the mobile responsiveness with its myriad of the variations. The first-class content material management device platform is leveraged by using the 10 million websites throughout the globe.

Every year lots have been speculated for the WordPress improvement and that’s fulfilled with the release of recent features. This year 2017, there are a few website design developments as a way to take the middle level. Let’s shed some light on such developments:

1) Go cell responsive

As the cellular is becoming the primary device, the website development adaptable to a number gadgets became commenced, but the websites not optimized for cellular were negative in designs and ruining the consumer revel in. To better suit in all of the content on smaller displays and pride the customers, the responsive layout will become a de-facto fashionable, if you want to boom in the years to come.

2) It’s the turn of age-responsive

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You will find it a bit fun. Making the website design responsive catering diverse devices display length is understood, but how the website design can be made adaptable to the users’ age. As personalization thinking about the users’ demographics is all of the rages, in addition, the website will also get customized in an automated style like- navigation menus, color evaluation, font size and spacing will get changed as in line with the users’ age.