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Long earlier than President Donald Trump swilled a dozen Diet Cokes in line with day and argued workout might also kill you faster, men within the Oval Office have been recognized for their extraordinary fitness behaviors.

That’s one of the takeaways from a brand new file on presidential fitness from the consumer fitness website MedicareSupplement.Com. Based on interviews with 27 historians and docs, the record found out William Taft wolfed up 12-ounce steaks for breakfast, Ronald Reagan tried to change cigarettes for jelly beans, and Grover Cleveland — whose nickname was “Uncle Jumbo” — prevented exercise in any respect fees.

The analysis also reads like a history of disease traits in the US. Despite access to the high-quality health care inside the global, presidents often succumbed to the scourges of their time. George Washington died of pneumonia, James Monroe of tuberculosis, and James Polk of cholera — all infectious sicknesses which are hardly ever lethal in the US these days.

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By assessment, current presidents die of chronic diseases associated with growing old: Lyndon B. Johnson died from heart failure, Richard Nixon from a stroke, and Ronald Regan from Alzheimer’s disorder.

Obama ranks second; Trump ranks twenty-sixth
The report ranked the president’s from healthiest to least healthy on a 100-factor scale, awarding 1-five ratings for his or her medical histories, diets, workout, tobacco, and alcohol use, and sleep conduct.

Coming in first turned into Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president who held workplace from 1877 to 1881. Hayes, in step with the document, had very healthy behaviors. He lived in the White House at a time while smoking, alcohol — or even profanity — have been outlawed. “While maximum different presidents suffered from several extreme illnesses, Hayes’ most effective recorded fitness troubles had been the coronary heart attack that killed him and a bout of poison ivy,” the record states.

Like Hayes, President Obama, who came in second, also had an outstandingly smooth bill of health. “Other than having measles as a child and having a run-in with a barbed twine fence that left him with 20 stitches in his arm, Obama has so far escaped any serious health scares.” He’s an on-once more, off-once more smoker — although he also follows a completely wholesome weight-reduction plan and workout regimen, which has helped him fare plenty better than different guys his age.

Trump, meanwhile, ranked 26 on the list — after Abraham Lincoln and both President Bushes — especially due to the fact he’s borderline overweight and has elevated cholesterol and blood strain ranges.

Last at the list turned into Grover Cleveland. His health illnesses blanketed obesity, a leg laceration, typhoid fever, jaw cancer, listening to loss, kidney irritation, gout, and a coronary heart assault. “He turned into a heavy drinker, smoker, an overeater. He likely had sleep apnea, which could have interfered together with his sleep, and he admitted that he ‘detested workout’,” in step with the record.

Of direction, the rating became based on publicly available statistics — and presidents are famous for hiding information about their fitness.

“For current presidents, specifically the ones nonetheless residing, there’s usually the possibility, an as a substitute sturdy one, that we will discover additional facts this is currently regarded to physicians and presidents but no longer to the majority,” said Jacob Appel, an assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine who studies the health histories of candidates. “Almost all the modern-day presidents might be rated higher and seemed healthier on paper whilst in the workplace than they do look back with the benefit of records now not launched for the duration of their phrases.”

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Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type (FITT) are the measurements for bodily health in the US Government. The United States government has long been a proponent of physical fitness. You might consider lower back in High School the President’s Council on bodily health test that measured you potential to do push-ups. Sit-ups, the side straddle run, and the mile run. The council becomes hooked up underneath President Eisenhower in 1953. The first chairman was then Vice President Richard Nixon. It changed into mounted because there has been a problem that America’s youth became no longer as physically prepared because of the kids in Europe. In 1957 the first checking out of young people commenced with what remains known as the President’s Challenge.

When John F. Kennedy have become President in 1963 he amended the council to consist of all of us, now not just children. He turns into involved himself with 50-mile hikes and contacts soccer games. President Lyndon Johnson makes a few adjustments himself and provides sports to the call to now be known as the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The idea that together with spots and video games would preserve the youngsters of America engaged in the bodily activity. He conducts the second fitness survey of youngsters between 10 and 17 years of age.

When Richard Nixon came into office he created the President’s Sports Award and additionally opened it up to civic organizations along with the boy’s and lady’s golf equipment. Gerald Ford made adjustments to tell the public about blessings of workout and had the third fitness survey taken. Jimmy Carter speaks at the 1st National Conference on Physical Fitness and extols the virtue of physical fitness and fitness associated statistics.

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Under Ronald Reagan, the Executive Order is amended to encompass 10 objectives where it now branches out to measure the fitness of adults and children. May is declared National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. In 1991 the Participant Physical Fitness Award is added. When George H Bush involves office he has the Great American Workouts right on the lawn of the White House. In 1990 the National Council on Military Fitness is formed to check the bodily health of our country’s defense force