GHMC achieves sixty six% belongings tax target

GHMC has completed over sixty-six % of the property tax’s central series for the cutting-edge economic 12 months.

Of the total ₹1400 crore goal set for the financial 12 months 2017-18, ₹931 crores has been accrued to date, a press observes from the organization stated.

The final ₹470 crores will be met inside the ultimate 44 days earlier than the financial yr ends. GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy has appointed unique officers in all zones for belongings tax collection.

Accordingly, Bharathi Hilliker has been appointed the unique officer for Central Zone, besides Adwait Kumar Singh for West Zone, Musharraf Ali for East Zone, and Sitka Patnaik for South Zone.

To solve troubles relating to property tax, conferences may be performed in all circle workplaces on Sunday, between 9.30 a.M. And 1 p.M.

People may additionally attend the conferences for quick redressal in their issues.

The meetings could be persisted on February 25, March four, 11, and 25 too.

Immigrating to other global international locations where human beings can locate greener pastures is not unusual. Most humans circulate to the USA, Canada, the UK, and other civilized nations to find a higher life. This worldwide relocation process may be challenging, specifically for human beings with less journey enjoy. When valuable possessions are a part of the deal, even most traveled humans can face challenges. The following recommendations and pointers would, however, be of assistance to you.

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