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Hi-tech comeback for ‘manufacturing facility of the arena


This month Dongguan, in the coronary heart of the Pearl River Delta financial quarter of south China, is converted from a city of migrants right into a metropolis of ghosts.

The Chinese New Year excursion marks the begin of the biggest annual human migration in the world. During the Spring Festival journey rush – or Chunyun in Mandarin – which runs from 1 February to 12 March 2018, it’s estimated that Chinese returning to their domestic cities for own family reunions will make 2.Ninety eight billion journeys. According to China ’s, in general, 2.Forty eight billion avenue journeys, 390 million rail trips, 65 million air journeys and forty-six million boat journeys are anticipated to be revamped the forty-day period. Nowhere is that this massive-scale migration probable to be greater obvious than in Dongguan, an industrial metropolis in crucial Guangdong province.

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Dongguan is occasionally referred to as “the sector’s manufacturing unit” because of its rich manufacturing enterprise, and some 75% of its 8.34m populace are migrant employees who return domestic all through the festive duration, leaving the metropolis almost deserted. According to Qihoo 360 Technology, huge records and software large, ultimate 12 months Dongguan turned into u. S. A .’s most empty town at some stage in the holiday. The corporation ’s, compiled by tracking the locations of its customers all through the Chinese New Year journey rush, noticed Dongguan ranked first, as nearly 70% of its populace left town throughout the holiday.

From the mid-Nineteen Eighties, Dongguan changed into China’s leading export and production base, a hothouse for churning out reasonably-priced clothes, toys and shoes bearing the ever-present “Made in China” label. The metropolis was hit difficult whilst exports dried up in the wake of the global financial crisis in 2008 and suffered a slump. Today, with the assist of economic enter from various degrees of the presidency, it’s far transitioning right into a clever production base targeted on generating hello-tech robotics and automatic device, within the wish that the boom times will go back.

Dongguan in numbers
660,000 sq.Metres – the scale of the purchasing region on the New South China Mall, the area’s largest shopping center by way of a leasable region.

One in 5 – smartphones in the global are made in Dongguan.

Seven hundred,000 – human beings dwelling in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who hint their origins to Dongguan.

28 – cities are beneath Dongguan’s jurisdiction.

10% – of the town’s population envisioned to paintings within the sex trade.

75% – of the population who’re migrant employees. Of the town’s 8.34 million people, only 1.Ninety one million are registered as citizens.

History in a hundred phrases

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Though the area is the concept to had been inhabited as early as 5,000 years ago, Dongguan first rose to prominence in 1839 when Chinese official Lin Zexu ordered the incineration of a large amount of opium within the town of Humen. This brought about Britain to declare war on China, resulting in the first opium conflict. China’s “century of humiliation” observed, with subjugation to foreign powers, the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, a civil war and the eventual Communist celebration victory in 1949. In 1978, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping commenced a financial reform, known as the “Open Door Policy”, aimed at elevating prices of foreign investment and boom. Dongguan was selected as a take a look at the mattress. Designated a city in 1985 and fuelled by way of waves of overseas funding, it subsequently became China’s leading export and manufacturing base. Between 2003 and 2006, the city’s financial system grew in extra of 19.Five% yearly, the quickest in us of a. But for the reason that global financial crash of 2008, rising labor costs and competition from different markets within the location have left Dongguan’s as soon as-booming production enterprise in search of to reinvent itself.

Dongguan in sound and vision
The 2016 documentary The 18-Year-Old Assembly Line, directed by using Luojunnan Yin, is a stark study lifestyle internal a number of Dongguan’s factories. It captures the post-90s phenomenon in China of younger people leaving the small towns they grew up in to transport to the town to collect the arena’s items in close to-sweatshop situations.

Though it’s miles first-class called an industrial town, Dongguan is likewise considered one of the houses of Cantonese tradition, and specifically Cantonese opera. The past due to Ho Fei-Fan, born in Dongguan in 1919, was one of the shape’s largest stars following the success of his paintings The Romantic Monk.

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How habitable is Dongguan?
While the reality for the common manufacturing unit worker is slumbering in a dorm in a condensed industrial district simply outdoor the town center, there’s life past the factory partitions. “It’s considerable, both in length and population, but appears like a small metropolis,” says neighborhood journalist and editor David Mark Arnold.

In comparison to its industrial photograph, Dongguan become known by means of the United Nations Environment Programme as a “worldwide lawn city” with 10 wooded area parks, 5 natural reserves, 13 wetland parks, 1,071 parks and squares and 923.5km of greenways.

It’s rapid growth as a metropolis of sports activities, arts and tradition too. Dongguan is considered China’s “national basketball city” because of the most effective prefecture-degree metropolis with 3 expert basketball golf equipment. It stocks Mission Hills Golf Club, recognized by way of Guinness World Records as the largest golfing facility in the world, with neighboring Shenzhen.

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