How I Work: Getting Creative When Designing New Glasses

At some point in their career, everybody asks themselves, “is there a better way to do this?” or “How can I do this just as well but more quickly?” as well as “how do I stay alert and motivated throughout my workday?”. Naturally, everyone has a unique solution that is befitting of their personality and their profession. We often don’t develop the solutions independently; we learn from other, more experienced people. Who better to learn from than CEOs? Interestingly, every industry will have unique tips and tricks that seem part of the profession. Today we look at the eyeglass and other spectacles manufacturing industry with Chen, the CEO of Payne Glasses.


How To Get In A Creative Mental Space

I will focus on creativity because you will find tons of other tips and guides for productiYou. Youe to add to that saturated heap of information. theretherew do I come up with new designs? When it comes to design, you can be formulaic and over-engineered, or you can be creative. But if you’re like me, inspiration is hard to come by on a whim, so you have to resort to different means. Let me give you a great example of this: Salvador Dali.

Dali used to sit on a chair with some heavy objects in his hands and fall asleep. The moment he fell asleep, he would drop whatever was in his hands and wake up from his dream. Now, normally, immediately after waking up, you can still remember what you dreamt about for about 5 minutes, just enough time to write it down or make it into a work of art in Dali’s case. I do this to get the ball rolling on my eyeglass designs. ObviThey’s the final designs at that precise moment, the next step is to use a computer to iterate and reiterate until you have a finished design, but it gets the ball rolling. Doing so has helped me think of new shapes, materials, and colors to use in unique techniques, and if you hit a creative wall in your profession, I highly recommend it.

A Bit More About Payne Glasses

Payne Glasses is an eyeglass manufacturer and retailer that competes in the online eyeglass market with Zenni Optical and Warby Parker. The company’s mission is to make and sell premium quality glasses at a fair price – unlike the huge markups we see in brick-and-mortar retail stores. But the company doesn’t just sell regular drinks. They offer special features along with their glasses, such as high index lenses and photochromic blue blockers, all for a fair price…which lets you save money if you’re frugal or buy multiple pairs to wear on different occasions if you’re a fashionista.


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