How To Make Your Own WordPress Blog!

There are a superb many Blog Formats available for the novice Blogger; one of my all-time Favorites is WordPress. Setting up a present-day WordPress.Com blog can take as low as 5 mins to do. Got five minutes? Alright then, let’s get commenced!

First off, let me explain the difference between WordPress.Com, and WordPress.Org so that you don’t get harassed. WordPress.Org is a blogging software program, while WordPress.Com is the hosted carrier that runs the WordPress.Org software. WordPress.Com is Great for newbie bloggers who don’t truly recognize something approximately the technical stuff; they want to get started and truly get a feel for running a blog, all approximately with no actual commitments.

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Although WordPress.Com is superb for the new blogger getting started. The unfastened hosted provider does come with its customization obstacles; however, for some bucks (everywhere between $15-ninety), you can, without problems, upgrade your WordPress.Com weblog to be some distance extra enhanced in its capability. When you’re prepared to make your commitment to your weblog, in place of upgrading your WordPress.Com capabilities, I strongly suggest exporting your content material and finding yourself an excellent website hosting service so one can run the WordPress.Org software program.

Dedicating yourself to a website hosting provider can value you anywhere from $2.50-$20 in line with a month, depending on the hosting provider you pick out and what kind of area you need. The principal difference between using a hosted website online and having your website hosted is the difference among the quantity of space this is to be had to you in addition to the distinction of proudly owning your site and not owning your website. With having your website hosted, it manner it is yours. On a website hosting site like WordPress.Com, you do no longer own your content, and if, for any motive, WordPress does not like your content, it can be taken down at any time without being aware by the owner’s consent.

OK, now which you know the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org and the distinction between web hosting your weblog and having your blog hosted, Let get started in constructing your modern WordPress.Com blog!

1. Go to the WordPress.Com website and click Join.

2. Fill out the Signup shape to installation your WordPress.Com account

* Now select your WordPress domain name. Yourdomainhere.WordPress.Com


o fill out the name of your weblog, language, and privacy

3. Click Sign Up, and find your activation email…Click that and Whoo Hoo! You’re officially on your way

to Blogging!

4. The Next page is known as your Dashboard or your Backoffice. You can get admission to it at yourdomainhere.WordPress.Com/wpadmin

* underneath the subject matter tab on your left-hand side may be over a hundred FREE WordPress topics to choose from.

Pick your Favorite – and Rock On! You are equipped to begin adding Content!

Now, As I said before, WordPress.Com does not provide loads in terms of customization for Free. At the time of this book, you may improve your WordPress.Com CSS (Custom StyleSheet ) for approximately $15, and so one can let you customize your issues with CSS understanding. You can get help with custom CSS topics for as low as $five at fiverr.Com. Otherwise, you could Grab a Free WordPress subject matter to your hosted WordPress software program at grabatheme.Com (honestly clean to put in; a depend on pick favorite, download, and upload). Now, Look at you! Your Rockin’ and Rollin’ with a brand new weblog! You’re nearly Pro:D! Have fun in your New Blogging Adventure, as it will open up an entirely new global of expression and creativity for you!

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