How To Prepare for a Wedding While You’re Pregnant

The only thing more exciting than planning a wedding is preparing for a baby to arrive. However, when you’re planning for both simultaneously, it can be exciting yet stressful and almost overwhelming. Pregnant women need plenty of rest, and that’s hard to get if you’re planning the wedding of your dreams.

While you’re looking for the best pregnancy insurance for your prenatal care during one of the special enrollment periods or trying to figure out your Medicaid options, you’re trying to plan a wedding at the same time. It’s easier to find health insurance, especially pregnancy insurance, if you go through a trusted site where all the insurance companies are listed in one place so that you can check their health plans, deductibles, and the like all in one place. Now that you have your health insurance figured out, keep reading for a few tips to help you plan the perfect wedding when you’re expecting a baby at the same time.

Consider what trimester you’ll be in at your wedding.


If you’ve just found out you’re expecting; then you need to decide whether you need to delay or speed up the process of planning your wedding. While there is nothing wrong with getting married after the baby is born, there are other things to consider. For example, in the first trimester, you might have morning sickness, while in the third trimester, you’re apt to be exhausted and unable to stay on your feet for long periods of time. Things are usually pretty stable in the second trimester, so you should be safe if your wedding is scheduled to take place during that time. Consider your due date, then plan your wedding around that for the best results.

Consider the best wedding dress for your changing body.


Pregnant women not only need to be careful with when they schedule their wedding date, but they also need to be careful when considering their wedding dress as well. If your heart is set on a particular wedding dress, you might be disappointed and think you won’t be able to wear that dress. That’s not always true.

For example, you’ve already decided to build your own ring, so why not have your wedding dress altered to fit your changing body. When you decided to create your own custom engagement ring, you searched for the perfect stone, the perfect setting, and the gold or silver you wanted, so why not do the same with your wedding dress. You do need to be careful with your engagement ring and wedding ring; however, as pregnant women’s hands tend to swell as their body changes, and you want your engagement ring and your wedding band to fit you on your big day.

Keep the wedding simple.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, and as a pregnant woman, that’s the last thing you need. Keeping the wedding simple keeps you from becoming overstressed and leaves more time for you to concentrate on your health, which is the most important thing when you’re expecting a baby.

Be prepared for the unexpected.


From choosing the flowers for the wedding to picking out the reception menu, you always need to be prepared for the unexpected with a wedding. That goes double for when you’re expecting a little one. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, it’s best to consider how your due date will affect your wedding date and make plans surrounding that date.

These are just a few tips for helping you plan your wedding when you’re also preparing for the arrival of your baby. These are two of the most important events in your life, and they are both going to be perfect.


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