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Internet Access in Jos, Plateau State Ngeria


Internet get entry to in growing and underdeveloped counties normally face huge challenges in phrases of infrastructures like fiber optic cables, back-bone cable connections, loss of reliable Internet Service carriers (ISP), gradual or not very speedy net connection velocity (bad services), limited internet get admission to most people and high cost of internet access/connection.

Nigeria isn’t always an exception to those troubles even though there appear to be full-size improvements these days and big plans for the future, the troubles nevertheless exist and stand as a venture yet to be conquered. Plateau State and Jos its capital city are both in Nigeria and are not exempted from the Nigerian state of affairs.

Internet get right of entry to in Jos city and certainly Plateau State and even Nigeria as a country has been generally through the use of satellite (VSAT) which is appreciably a completely expensive approach of internet get admission to. People who cannot at ease the excessive price of proudly owning or retaining one commonly patronize the general public net cafes or pass for the net access services provided with the aid of mobile telecommunication groups present inside the State.

Locally it fees from about $1.00 to $2.00 (N150.00 to N300.00 as at March 2010) or maybe greater for each hour of net accesses at public internet cafes in the Jos city. Notable local net cafes and net carrier companies in Jos, even though a few have gone out of commercial enterprise consist of; Net-link 24hr (Jos Business School), Bethany Internet Café, Rajib, Second, Afrione, Zebeh, Logic Systems, UCL Internet Café, System Links, Metro Cybercafé, MD Internet café, etc. Also worth of notice is that most of the neighborhood Internet Service Providers (ISPs localized within the Jos-Plateau) employ the Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) technology, MMDS (Multipoint Microwave Distribution Service) and once in a while fixed WiMax (World-wide Interoperability for Microwave Access) via the ISM bands to connect customers to their VSATs (internet get admission to satellite) gadget for net get admission to. This entails the use of customer premise equipments like antennas (receivers) and wi-fi routers and Telco-Office transmitters mounted on pole/masts which function mostly on line-of-sight (LOS) and every so often on non-line-of-sight (NLOS).

With all of the speeds that those Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) gives; the thru-positioned on the quit of the day for the client drops down to the real shared net access speeds to be had to the net carrier provider (ISP) for its customers that are at maximum 5-7kbps (kilobits in line with 2d) on an excellent day.


However, internet access today in Jos metropolis and in Plateau State is commonly being dominated by cell telecommunication groups imparting commonly General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), Enhanced General Packet Radio Services (EGPRS), Third Generation cell internet get right of entry to (3G), and EV-DO RevA kind internet get admission to technologies with the use of custom designed modems specific to each mobile telecommunication corporation operating as a web service provider that are in some instances higher than what the local net carrier provider (ISP) alternative has to provide. These mobile telephone and telecommunication organizations are the likes of MTN (MTN Fast Link), Zain Mobile, Starcom, Zoom, Visafone, Multi-Links Telkom, and Glo Mobile.

Generally, the net may be very available in Jos and in Plateau State despite the fact that not at real vast band speeds, it’s far nevertheless very usable relying at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you chose to use. However the pleasant we have tested so far, even though not without down time issues is the Multi-hyperlinks Telkom’s EV-DO Rev A hybrid net access modems. We charge it our first-class in terms of velocity, and reliability, despite the fact that is fails in terms of reach-potential (it isn’t always usable in some rural areas), setup (first time set up) and affordability (compared to the cost of what other mobile phone telecommunication businesses are providing).

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In the midst of this kind of, one issue is for sure; you will never lose torch of the internet to connect with own family, pals, and colleagues or to surf the web and do some downloads or whatever you use the internet for whenever you discover yourself within the adorable metropolis of Jos or in maximum parts of Plateau State.

Markets & places of a hobby at the Jos-Plateau; Building Materials and Vegetable Market, Gada Biyu Market, Faringada Tomatoes Market, Langtang Street, Rukuba Road Market, Ahmadu Belo Way, Jama’a Junction, Mangu Market, Jennie Market, and so on.