Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Surround Gaming Headset Review

The great of gaming headsets has risen during the last few years. Competition, mainly in the $50 to $100 marketplace, has delivered legitimately strong audio performers bundled with even richer features. Despite this welcome abundance, there are few alternatives for the ones that could additionally like to take their cans on the go. After all, mild and inconspicuous probably aren’t the primary words that come to mind while generalizing the sector. Enter Logitech’s G433, a wired headset designed to be terrific, not most effective for gaming, but one able to fitting into existence beyond the bedroom.

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Ultimately, the Logitech G433 aims to do a bit of everything. Logitech desires you to be relaxed, taking it everywhere, usable on maximum devices, without too much hassle. The query then is, does it sacrifice whatever to perform one’s dreams? Thankfully, its versatility isn’t an empty promise. The G433 is a nicely-rounded headset with exceptional gaming performance thanks to its finely-tuned Pro-G drivers and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound for those on the PC. And the headsets construct excellent and covered items resource its adaptability.


The box ships with the whole lot you anticipate from a contemporary headset. The flexible increase microphone and three.5mm cables are all detachable; that is amazing. You get two distinct cables for connectivity. The first is a braided console/PC cable (it does paintings with a phone or different device in case you’re so inclined) with inline controls for the extent and mute functions. The second is a barely shorter, non-braided mobile cable with an inline microphone and play/pause button. Surround sound is enabled through the manner of a USB DAC. If for anything reason, you don’t want to attach the G433 for your PC with the USB DAC, the container additionally consists of a splitter cable for the conventional microphone/headset connections.

Additionally, the Logitech G433 comes with a storage case and a second set of earpads. The case is just a skinny cloth bag, so don’t count on it to offer tons of safety. However, it does have enough room to hold numerous cables and the microphone in addition to the headset.


Design & Comfort

When coping with the G433, some matters stand out right now, and the primary is that the headset doesn’t go out of its manner to stand out. And for what it desires to be, that’s an excellent issue. There aren’t any gaudy RGB lighting, colorations, grooves, or patterns anywhere on the headset. The shade scheme is largely uniform, with four alternatives for a purchase (purple, black, blue, and blue camo). The plastic headscarf is at the thinner aspect. The G433 has a few smooth flourishes of its personal, however, which brings me to the second one thing of being aware. In addition to the default ear pads, the backs of the ear cups are covered completely in a move-hatched mesh fabric. It makes the headset appearance extra upscale than your typical gaming headset as if it belongs with the audiophile headphones on my table than next to my Kingston, Turtle Beach, or Corsair.

The fabric does entice greater dirt than plastic or metallic. I’ve already observed some specks clinging to the back of the ear cups. The material isn’t too thick, although it’s clean sufficient to smooth with a bit of tape. If the mesh ear pads want an amazing cleansing, they are each detachable and device washer-friendly.

Elsewhere, the G433 is, in most cases, a product of matte plastic that feels durable enough; however now not always expensive. That said, steel and thicker plastics do upload weight. And after using the headset per week, I don’t assume I’d want heavier material only for the sake of a more steeply-priced feel. The Logitech G433 is pretty possibly the lightest headset I’ve ever worn, weighing in at handiest 259 grams, which unsurprisingly makes it one of the maximum cozy headsets I’ve reviewed. It slightly exerts any strain. The result is that I can easily neglect I’m wearing anything at all whilst immersing myself in music and games.

Likewise, the mesh ear pads are fairly gentle. They’re now not as smooth as they can be, but they’re never harsh, and the burden of the G433 itself goes a protracted way at preserving fidgeting to a minimum. The 2d pair of ear pads provide a microfiber/suede sense, a material I usually prefer, but in this case, they’re more difficult and apply greater stress than the mesh pads. At the very least, the pads are clean to switch out.

Gaming at the G433 has been a blast, figuratively and actually. Logitech’s 40mm Pro-G drivers supply considerably impactful bass. It’s crisp, powerful, and neither distorts nor overpowers the relaxation of the audio. The ultimate spectrum is simply as smooth, freed from distortion at any volume level. In phrases of standard readability and warmth, Kingston’s HyperX Cloud still takes the crown. But the G433 isn’t ways at the back of, and its low-end thunders above the competition.

The enjoy gambling on PC is even better. Enabled through the use of the USB DAC and Logitech’s Gaming Software, DTS Headphone:X has continually been the maximum accurate implementation of digital surround sound I’ve tested. That remains true on the G433. I ought to pinpoint the route of every enemy that tried flanking me in Battlefield 1. The rear channels had been without problems discernible without me peaking, and I became surprised how nicely it threw audio above me, too.

Music on the G433 is the first-rate. The aforementioned bass enables every drum beat to roar, giving my symphonic metallic a further level of oomph. Depending on the supply but, the alternative stages can be a little flat. It’s no longer muddy. However, it’s now not as ahead sounding as I’d select. If you’re attentive to tune on a PC, the equalizer is customizable, so it’s possible to carry a number of those elements out.


The Logitech G433 succeeds at being more than only an outstanding gaming headset. It’s splendidly lightweight, doesn’t embarrass when worn, and adapts properly to gambling Call of Duty at domestic or paying attention to music to taking calls on the go. It’s on the more high-priced facet of the field at an MSRP of $one hundred, but its excellent gaming qualities and introduced versatility provide it the edge to stand above the group.


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