Mistakes to avoid while preparing for UPSC

UPSC (Union Public Selection Commission) is the most prestigious and competitive entrance exam in India. Millions of aspirants endeavor to crack this exam and become of the greatest IAS amongst. But, only a few of them crack UPSC and become the ones they desired for. All this happens because of the mistakes or precautions they avoid while preparing for UPSC. So let’s talk about those mistakes that need to be avoided to gain the outcomes.

preparing for UPSC

#1 Made mistakes in understanding the syllabus properly

We are humans and bound to make mistakes, and getting confused with the syllabus is the most common mistake every aspirant makes. They start preparing for civil services without analyzing the syllabus properly inside out. Once you are familiar with all the topics, subjects, and strengths and weaknesses, you can easily tap out the mistakes and streamline the preparation process. To minimize mistakes, one should prefer a daily newspaper app to update online to stay ahead in the race.

#2 Do not accentuate reading and writing habit

It is more important for any aspirant to focus on their reading and writing skills. There are plenty of apps for reading newspapers that help you keep up with the latest updates and enhance your reading skills. UPSC aspirants should practice writing with time-constraint and map their regular progress to do better. They can practice article writing with the help of a daily newspaper app on any trending topic or subject to get a more directional overview of their thought process.

#3 Don’t Stick to one source of information

Another very common mistake aspirants make relying on different sources of information and getting confused with them. They should stick to one source and practice consistency to learn more. Newspapers are the best source of information anyone can have. There are many daily newspaper apps available one can go with or read local newspapers for local news. To collect all possible information from one source is most advisable, and to fill requirements, Dainik Bhaskar can be the best newspaper app for aspirants.

#4 Do not refer to previous questions papers

There is a theory that every year, all the competitive exams, including UPSC, repeat some of the questions in prelims and mains. This will definitely work for aspirants to refer to previous years’ questions papers to understand the pattern and practice accordingly, and it may increase the chances of selection.

The world is going digital, so as competitive exam preparations, many aspirants can’t afford to pay for extra classes or study materials. But, now they do not have to worry; they can easily download any daily newspaper app for their current affairs, local, national, and international news along with the latest updates or so many things. And reading newspapers is the most useful advice for any UPSC aspirant to keep on track. You can download any app for reading newspapers; it’s easy and will definitely help you prepare for exams.


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