Myanmar farmers going in opposition to the grain

A loose app on farmer San San Hla’s smartphone is her new weapon in the conflict against the dreaded stem borer moth that blighted her rice paddy in southern Myanmar for the closing years.

As she watches her people haul on this yr’s harvest, the 35-12 months-old is in a triumphant mood, ascribing her victory over the seasonal scourge to recommendation obtained via the app about effective pesticide use.

“We used to just farm the way our mother and father confirmed us,” she informed AFP, in her village of Aye Ywar west of Yangon.

“But after you have the app, I now see how we ought to be doing it… It is higher to apply right techniques as opposed to simply operating blindly.”

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San Hla is amongst a developing cohort of farmers who are turning to tech to cope with the expertise gap in a rustic in which two-thirds of the staff are hired in agriculture.

The sector debts for some 28 percent of the united states’ GDP, however, yields are low with farmers reduce-off from modern-day technology beneath a long time of isolationist junta rule.

For humans like San San Hla, apps will be the answer.

They are presenting farmers with up-to-date records on the entirety of the weather, weather change, crop costs to advice on pesticides and fertilizers.

Chat forums are connecting farmers, letting them switch recommendations whilst specialists are reachable to reply queries.

The “Green Way” app is the brainchild of two former agricultural college students, who in 2011 installation an internet site for farmers, often operating through the night to preserve it updated.

Then smartphones arrived and everything modified.

As Myanmar opened its doorways, telecoms agencies rushed in to seize marketplace percentage, thrusting Myanmar past the era of computing device computers and old-fashion mobile telephones.

The price of sim playing cards, as soon as the tightly-managed reserve of the nicely-connected, or special branch spies, plummeted from an unimaginable $3,000 in 2005 to $1.50 in 2013.

Competitors practically gave away smartphone handsets as they fell over themselves to accumulate brand loyalty.

Mobile penetration stood at just seven percent in 2012. By the cease of 2017, telephone penetration had rocketed to eighty percent.

A nascent tech hub observed and outdoor agriculture, apps had been created for everything from healthcare to Myanmar’s parliament.

Farmers, many the various united states of America’s poorest, nowadays locate themselves with a cellular pc in their palms—a game-changer for the marketers in the back of ‘Green Way,’ who launched their app in 2016 and now employ 18 complete-time personnel.

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“‘Greenway’ is my dream to hyperlink farmers and professionals,” Yin Yin Phyu instructed AFP. “The farmers can get assist each time they want.”

Some 70,000 farmers have already downloaded the app although she hears ways more are getting access to it thru cellphone-to-phone sharing.


Greater productiveness at Myanmar’s farms may want to reshape each its economy and society, says seventy one-12 months-vintage agricultural professional Myo Myint.
Many workers migrate to different countries because they can not make sufficient cash to stay in agriculture in Myanmar,” he says.

“Farmers want era and investment.”

A 2017 World Bank take a look at discovered farmers in some regions of the united states nevertheless earn as low as $2 per day.

Productivity is likewise fantastically low with simplest 23kg of rice paddy generated in someday of labor in Myanmar compared to 62kg in Cambodia, 429kg in Vietnam, and 547kg in Thailand.

The founder of the “Golden Paddy” app says the new tech isn’t excellent proper to struggling farmers at the lowest of the ladder.

They do not have the time or sources to put into effect advice on changing seeds or fertilizer.

Instead, the apps are aimed at smallholder farmers to allow them to “turn out to be a little more industrial,” Dutchman Erwin Sikma explains.

Similar tasks in different developing nations – in India and elements of Africa – are still reliant on antique-style phones and facts through SMS.

Myanmar now has the risk to leapfrog that generation to turn out to be an agricultural trailblazer.

But that still approach u. S. Is in uncharted territory.

“We have a lot of first-mover dangers,” Erwin Sikma says.

“It’s a begin-up in a totally new version of a totally new market or economic system so we want all of the help we can get.”

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