The New Merge Between Video Games and Acting

Conventional actors, and quite often those well-known in the international movie world, have begun experimenting with the possibilities that the digital world offers them to practice their art and work. Too many movie and video gaming experts. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

At the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II press launch recently held in Amsterdam, something added an extra layer of depth to the technical details and storyboard presented. From discussions about new online casino development, new video gaming updates, and acting in a video game, the world is beginning to see how two worlds have merged. 

How to Get Into Video Game Voice Acting in 2022 | Voices

How Dialogue Resembled Acting in Video Games

Four actors from Call of Duty participated in a roundtable discussing their experiences in acting in video games. Two snipers in moss were seen crawling through the battlefield. It was one of those intimate moments that action games often provide just before stressful confrontations.

The protagonist of the mission was Elliot Knight. He was talking via an earpiece to Rya Kihlstedt, a CIA agent. The dialogue was similar to what these games have, but it was delivered with refined eloquence.

They discussed the character’s favorite weapon, and in a specific tone, they talked about the etymological definition of the term sniper. Knight said he was amazed and intrigued by the video, especially after listening to a conversation the actors never had.

The dialogues can be made optionally based on player decisions. Each actor records their part, and the game oversees the splicing of the sentences into a type of built-up dialog.

COD Campaign Renewed

Those who pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 digitally will likely already get a taste of Campaign Mode. For the first time in IP history, it was made available the week before the whole game was released. If this has not been the case, a wide variety of missions awaits, and each one is different.

Infinity Ward’s effort to contribute something beyond what players have seen within Call of Duty is noticeable. This Campaign Mode includes 17 missions where players travel through different countries. At the end of each of these missions, players will receive a reward they can use in the Multiplayer Mode. To finish them, they need between six and eight hours, although it depends on the difficulty and skill of the shooter.

Acting Without Cameras

Knight spoke at the same table about motion capture and how actors cannot hide from the camera. Knight also discussed how Knight believes that no single camera can provide the best profile.

Barry Sloane, a British actor, spoke about the creative process of dealing with technology. Sloane said it is a humble process, as every day is an opportunity to learn. Glenn Morshower (a colonel in this game) spoke about the challenges of working with motion capture suits and the inconvenience of wearing helmets with cameras attached.

He added that exploring the depths of what an actor can create with all these elements around them was fascinating. All three of them referred to the same concept: The feeling of acting differently, the feeling of being part of an expressive form constantly evolving.

The topic of technological possibilities for video games was the focus of the discussion. Avatar, the incredible cinematographic phenomenon of recent times, will likely repeat the formula and leave the majority of the plot to digital characters.

This is an important step forward in acting for many video game professionals. It presents a challenge to all actors and directors in the film and video game industry.

This may be the definition of an artistic framework based on technological advancements. It will be a milestone for videogame fans that will improve the quality and depth of videogame plots.


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