Plugins für Adobe Photoshop und Microsoft Office verfügbar

Wer Dinge publiziert, sei es im kleinen oder größeren Kreis, der wird eventuell öfter einmal vor dem Problem stehen, dass er Grafiken benötigt. Am besten solche, die sich auch noch rechtlich einwandfrei verwenden lassen. Es gibt diverse Dienste, die Bilder in diesem Zusammenhang liefern, zum Beispiel das von americaschon einmal vorgestellte Picjumbo oder eben auch Pixabay.

Pixabay hat nun zwei Plugins veröffentlicht. Einmal für Microsoft Office und einmal für Adobe Photoshop. In beiden Fällen soll das Plugin die Nutzung von Pixabay erleichtern und direkt in den Workflow integrieren lassen. Die Plugins kommen ohne Werbung oder anderen Heckmeck, sie sollten also wirklich eher hilfreich als störend sein.

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Die Plugins ermöglichen das Suchen und Einbinden von passenden Grafiken in die eigenen Projekte, ohne dabei das eigentliche Programm verlassen zu müssen. Spart unter Umständen nicht nur zeit, sondern kann eben auch dabei helfen, nicht durch eine einfache Bildsuche in die Copyright-Falle zu tappen.

Das Add-on für Adobe Photoshop gibt es auf dieser Seite, das Add-in für Microsoft Office auf dieser. Die Office-Variante integriert sich nicht nur in PowerPoint 2013 und Word 2013 (oder neuer), sondern kann auch in den Online-Varianten der beiden Angebote genutzt werden.

Microsoft Word is one among the most broadly used Microsoft packages permits users to write down and create, view, reproduction, paste, keep, edit, percentage, and print text files and many others. Microsoft Word software policies the word-processing marketplace as it lets in customers to beautify their text files with the aid of inserting snapshots and lively photographs, charts, diagrams, tables, figures, and shapes etc.; and by the use of text in one of a kind styles, fonts, colorings, and languages etc. At the same time. Since its release, Microsoft Word has greatly reduced users’ burden of creating more than one files at a time, copying them to another word document, and strolling grammar & spell-check feature and so on. With the time, Microsoft Word (MS-Word) also stepped forward to new versions along with MS-Word 2003 and 2007. Below are a number of the sizeable features that distinguish MS-Word 2007 and MS-Word 2007:


Microsoft-Word 2003 – It comprises numerous menu tabs as well as toolbars that include lots of buttons. These buttons/functions can be custom designed to offer command get entry to.

Microsoft-Word 2007 – It makes use of a person-friendly interface referred to as ‘Ribbon’. It contains 7 menu tabs viz. ‘Home’, ‘Page Layout’, ‘References’, ‘Mailings’, ‘Review’, and ‘View’. There is the 8th tab additionally referred to as ‘Developer’ that is but became off with the aid of the default settings. Every Ribbon tab carries special buttons along with drop-down menus. However, compared to MS-Word 2003, the Ribbon interface in MS-Word 2007 is not customizable.

File Format:

MS-Word 2003 – It makes use of DOC document layout for saving textual content files. However, users will download a compatibility % for opening DOCX files.

MS-Word 2007 – It uses DOCX document layout, that is an open XML popular layout. It is the extensively used record format for beginning XML files. The users additionally have the selection of saving their documents/documents in DOC format.

Document Inspector:

MS-Word 2003 -It contains ‘Remove Hidden Data’ upload-in, which is a device to eliminate record’s hidden or visible records such as private etc. However, the upload-in does no longer a user make adjustments to record’s homes.

MS-Word 2007 – It comprises ‘Inspect Document’ command this is whilst executed gives a list of options including variations, feedback, annotations, file residences, customized XML information, non-public facts, or revisions among others. The Inspect Document characteristic lets in users to delete above-mentioned alternatives as in step with their necessities.

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MS-Word 2003 – It contains ‘AutoText’ feature that enables users to define, edit, insert, and keep the text.

MS-Word 2007 – It comprises ‘Quick Parts’ that permits customers to stay its text undeniable or upload formatting or pics. The characteristic will be to be had in ‘Insert’ tab.

Quick Access Toolbar:

Word 2003 – It accommodates no such function and a consumer has to undergo the entire menu tab to get admission to to its frequently-used commands together with keep, edit, or undo and so on.

Word 2007 – It contains ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ that is designed to shop the commands used again and again overly with the aid of a consumer at the same time as developing a text file. Such commands or capabilities can be anything from undoing, repeat, clip art, or to keep and many others. You can get immediate access to such instructions or capabilities through customizing your ‘Quick Access Toolbar’. You most effective need to add/insert your often used instructions/features to the toolbar with the aid of simply proper clicking on them and then clicking on ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’.

Mail Merge Wizard:

MS-Word 2003 – It accommodates ‘Mail Merge Wizard’ that does permit a user to ship personalized messages. However, the wizard has extreme troubles with Microsoft Excel attachments. It manner you’ll no longer be able to import your information by emailing from Microsoft Excel files.

MS-Word 2007 – It has an improved ‘Mail Merge Wizard’ that allows a person to type and ship personalized messages to all the recipients without requiring to undergo the technique of CC and BCC inside the mail account. After you have typed your mail to all of the recipients, the wizard might forward them to your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express outbox. Whenever you log on to your Microsoft Outlook, your Outlook will routinely send all the personalized messages to every one of the addresses. Therefore, the wizard splendidly saves you from typing letter or files to each and every recipient with their character data.

The comparison of capabilities has brought us to the belief that MS-Word 2007 being the superior word processor has a clean facet over MS-Word 2003. However, no matter which of the 2 software program packages you have, you could revel in a hassle with them each time. For that remember, you could look for a Microsoft-licensed technical help that resolves your troubles online.

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