Preparing Your Child for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can be a nightmare for adults and a breathtaking experience for most kids. Once you’ve booked an appointment with an experienced dentist at Aspire Surgical, you have to get your child ready for the surgery. Tooth extraction can be quite traumatizing to your kid if you don’t prepare them well,

If you plan to take your child for dental surgery soon, you should apply these tips to ensure the surgery is successful.

Preparing Your Child for Oral Surgery 1

1. Talk to your child about the surgery 

The first thing you should do when preparing your child for the surgery is talking to them about what they should expect. At times when you are ready for the worst, it’s relieving. Therefore, you should talk to your child in advance about what the procedure will entail and what they should expect.

You can easily eliminate the kid’s fears by talking about the procedure transparently. Take the role of a dentist and explain to the kid what the procedure will involve. This will set them ready for the surgery.

2. Prepare for the child’s recovery 

Even before the dental surgery, you should start preparing for the recovery of your child. You can start by restocking your fridge with some foodstuff your child will eat after the surgery. Foods like yogurt, fruit juice, mashed potatoes, blended soups, and smoothies should fill up the fridge.

Once your child is back home from the surgery, he will need somewhere to relax and heal. Therefore, before setting off for the surgery, you should set up a cozy recovery spot for your child. Ensure you have your child’s favorite mattress, blankets, and pillows. You should also bring some tissues, cold water, ice packs, and ice pops. Fill up all prescriptions for pain medication to avoid errands when you drive back home.

3. Focus on the positive

It’s important to ensure your child remains positive before and after the surgery. The tooth extraction process may be worrying for most people. However, you should remain optimistic and focus more on the positive aspects of the surgery. You can share with the child about how they will feel better after tooth extraction and what the benefits are on their oral health. You can talk about buying your child some gift after the surgery.

4. Carry your Child’s Favorite Toy 

Getting your child through oral surgery should not be that easy if you give him something to look forward to after the procedure. For example, you can promise to buy your child some gift if the surgery is successful. You can carry your child’s toy to the surgery to help them bear the procedure.

Final Thoughts 

Your child will be more willing to go for oral surgery if you prepare him well for this day. Dental or oral surgery should not be that traumatizing for the child if you find experienced dentists who can handle your child well. Lastly, it would help if you prepared for post-care for your child. Have someone around to look after the child after the surgery to help him recover faster.


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