Qatar World Cup Final Group Stage Fixtures

The 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage is about to finish. The 16 teams playing in the next Round will be settled in the next two days. With some fixtures already finished, fans are still wondering what can happen in the next few days as an attempt to predict which teams will make it to the next stage. 

No matter if fans are looking at upcoming world cup fixtures odds or champions league predictions, much is expected from the world of soccer in the next few weeks. With teams already in the next stage, the upcoming matches are expected to define the course of the World Cup.

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Teams That Have Made it to the Final 16

In Group A, Gakpo and De Jong scored for the Netherlands, which finished first with seven points. After accomplishing six points, Senegal joined the Netherlands and made it to the Round of 16 thanks to goals from Sarr and Koulibaly. In the end, Ecuador lost to Senegal 2-1, and the Netherlands beat Qatar 2-0.

In Group B, England led the group with 7 points with two goals from Rashford and one from Foden. The U.S., who finished with five points, joined England in the Round of 16 thanks to Pulisic’s goal. In the end, Wales fell short to England in a game that finished 3-0, and the U.S. beat Iran 1-0. 

With goals from Mac Allister and Julián Álvarez, Argentina led Group C with six points. Poland and Mexico finished with four points each, and it was thanks to Poland’s positive goal balance, the team managed to make it to the next stage. 

Finally, in Group D, Leckie’s goal allowed Australia to enter the Round of 16 seconds in the group with six points. That is the same number of points as France. However, the French held a higher goal balance. Tunisia and Denmark were eliminated, and like many other champions league predictions today, they have vanished from the competition. 

Pending Group Stage Fixtures

Spain can secure a spot in the Round of 16 with a tie. Only a disaster would eliminate them from the next stage. Losing by the minimum against Japan and Germany winning by 7-0 or more to Costa Rica could leave Spain out of the Round of 16. 

Japan and Costa Rica can still accomplish their classification with a victory. The Ticos will be tied with Germany if Japan loses to Spain. Germany will be in the knockout phase if they win by a difference of two goals, as long as the Japanese and Luis Enrique’s team tie. 

For the Teutons, it may even be enough to win by a single goal, depending on how their game turns out and a tie between Spain and Japan. For example, if Germany wins 1-0 and Spain and Japan tie, Flick’s team will advance to the Round of 16.

Brazil is already in the Round of 16. The team managed to qualify as the group’s leader and will remain as such even with a draw against Cameroon. Even if Brazil loses, they will continue leading as long as Switzerland does not win. 

On the other hand, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia are fighting for different positions at stake. Depending on what they can accomplish, only the Swiss will be in the Round of 16 if they beat Serbia. Like champions league picks, Switzerland is still holding on to a solid opportunity. 

Portugal is the third team that has managed to make it to the Round of 16, right behind France and Brazil. Like Brazil, Portugal will continue to lead the group stage even if they tie against South Korea. Uruguay can finish second if the team beats Ghana and South Korea fails to win against Portugal. 

Ghana will be in the Round of 16 if they defeat Uruguay or finish with a draw and South Korea does not win. As for South Korea, the team must win no matter what happens in the other fixture.


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