Rally Driver Mod – Drive Leisurely, Test Your Driving Skills

Rally Racer is a drifting game developed by rally driving simulator creator John Cate. It’s a conversion of the rally racing event called Red Flag. Rally racer has been in development for several years now and still retains the basic concept and features similar to the original rally game in its early stages. It has also been made available as an iPhone application, allowing iPhone users to enjoy the game on the go.

Rally Driver Mod

The Rally Driver Mod is not much different from the earlier versions, but it does have the advantage of being designed specifically for iPhone users. Rally driver is now offered in the latest version with a free trial, downloaded from the App Store for free. The free version can only be used a limited number of times. It also has various other exciting features, which you can find out more about from the developers’ official website.

Drifting has always been one of the most exciting parts of a rally driving game, and this is what this version tries to add in. The new drift mode has been designed with a unique tutorial theme, in which the player is taught how to control the drift and gain maximum speed while doing so. The tutorial is animated and includes various feedback, such as left or right speed, braking or accelerating speed, and the turn’s speed. However, it is recommended to properly get the help of a rally driver coach to master the tricks and techniques.

This drift mode has two difficulty levels: beginner and pro. The pro-level is probably the easiest mode to play with, as it gives the player a complete experience of rally driving. This is because all the vehicles are almost identical in terms of specification, meaning that they won’t have to worry about compatibility issues unless they opt for the custom car mode. This lets the player use all the features of each specific vehicle and thus gain a true driving experience.

The beginner mode in the Rally Driver Mod requires more time to be spent on the practice. However, it is recommended to start easy by practicing on familiar tracks first. It is also advisable to take along a friend and driving assistance, as driving alone might cause unnecessary mistakes. Plus, a driver coach can come in handy, especially if the player has any questions about the mod or improves their driving skills.

In addition to these challenges, there are many achievements and bonuses included in the Rally Driver Mod. The achievement of each challenge earns the driver an exclusive title. They include the likes of rally champion, rally driver of the year, and best rally driver. There are even rewards for winning rallies on specific themes, such as taking the fastest lap on a circuit of a certain length. Some of these themes include the famous 24 hours of Le Mans or the grueling Nurburgring rally. Players also have the chance to drive a stock car through an exotic environment, such as the streets of Paris.


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