In the beyond, Razer has been recognized for offering high-stop tools just like the BlackWidow Chroma V2. However, the organization has lately multiplied its portfolio into greater finances-pleasant hardware. Case in point – its most recent keyboard is $60, and it is known as the Reynosa Chroma, and it’s available in both Pro and non-pro models. (See it on Amazon) / (See it on Amazon UK). We’re especially evaluating the seasoned version, which’s $20 extra steeply-priced at $eighty, with the best distinction being the Pro has under low lighting.

While there is sincerely not an awful lot of assessing its extra high-priced mechanical brethren, the Reynosa Chroma Pro is a wonderful-looking membrane keyboard with exact lights. Let’s get into the specifics:


Despite its plastic frame and price range fee, the Reynosa Chroma Pro nevertheless has an impressive weight. The keycaps are smooth to the touch and have a truly cozy concave shape on their surface; that is the first-rate for typing. This is a significant keyboard, so it has quite a number pad, and the important thing length is spot-on for dependable keypresses. Razer claims the Reynosa Pro is also “splash-resistant,” but for something apart from a mechanical keyboard, this tends to be the case. Just do not spill an entire Mountain Dew at the aspect of the route.

As with most membrane keyboards, the Reynosa Pro’s keystrokes have a softer and surely quieter reaction than a mechanical switch. The keys do experience rapid, and there may be a subtle amount of tactile experience way to an extent than the average peak above the membrane beneath. Overall, I felt the keys had been a touch freer—now not in an awesome way—than the comparable Corsair K55 or SteelSeries Apex one hundred fifty. There’s no wrist relaxation covered; that’s an actual shame because the tender wrist relaxation on the more steeply-priced BlackWidow Chroma V2 is one of the first-class accessible. But the Reynosa Pro sits at a decidedly flat angle, even with the legs engaged, and typing never felt uncomfortable.

Ike its spendier brethren, the Reynosa Pro lacks any dedicated media keys or ancillary buttons for macros. Media control is relegated to the character keys, and whilst there may be characteristic keys to manipulate backlight brightness, there’s no onboard shortcut to change the lighting fixtures’ presets. There is, however, an on-the-fly macro recording key that receives the task executed while not having to open the Razer Synapse software.

RGB lights on a gaming keyboard are greater or less ubiquitous at this point. However, it is undoubtedly one place in which the Reynosa Pro sticks out from the relaxation of the non-mechanical crowd. First, there may be the capacity to personalize lighting fixtures for each man or woman key. This function is available on higher-end keyboards of direction, but it is uncommon on a membrane keyboard on this rate variety.

Secondly, Razer has delivered an all-new little bit of lighting to the Reynosa Pro model with underflow. This lightbar surrounds three-fourths of the keyboard’s bottom edge, affecting a perfect ambient glow for your computer. The impact is so properly done, it is difficult to assume why Razer hasn’t implemented the feature on its higher-priced mechanical forums.

The Reynosa Chroma Pro uses Razer’s modern-day Synapse three software program to control lights, macros, and an assortment of configuration alternatives. The new software program appears plenty cleanser than preceding iterations, though it did make an effort clicking around to determine out in which the whole lot is positioned. To make things a bit greater streamlined, one-of-a-kind characteristic sets are broken down into modules, including the Chroma module to put custom key colors. Recording macros and putting key bindings is a simple method, and in case you don’t want to get slowed down inside the muck, there may be straightforward pull-down menus to choose preset configurations.


Synapse 3 is likewise wherein you could set up Razer’s new Hypershift functionality, which allows you to click on a selected button and basically uses two sets of macros or key bindings, effectively doubling the number of customizable keys. This is just like Roccat’s Easy-Shift feature we currently discussed while reviewing the Ryos MK FX mechanical keyboard. And as common, Synapse will keep your diverse configurations across more than one device to preserve things seamless. All in all, the brand new Synapse is pretty trustworthy and easy to use.

There is of direction a decent range of preset lighting fixtures effects. A private favored continues to be the smoldering Fire scheme which seems remarkable with the formerly noted underflow function. The typical assortment of a color wave, breathing, and ripple consequences round out a competent listing of outcomes—a truthful bit greater than what is usually located on lower-priced keyboards.


I used the Reynosa Pro in several video games, along with Overwatch, Destiny 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The consequences had been positive, with the keys turning in a brief response at some point of any gaming situation. These, in reality, aren’t a substitute for mechanical switches because of the lack of tactile comments on key presses. However, the Reynosa Pro is extra than capable of coping with whatever sport you want to play. As formerly cited, there is a slightly free feeling to the keycaps that felt much less correct than what I’m used to; however, using and huge, this did not seem to affect my gaming enjoy a whole lot.


As is the case with most Razer hardware, the Reynosa Pro additionally customizes its backlighting with Chrome-like minded games. In specific, Overwatch is lots of a laugh while the sport takes over the keyboard’s color scheme. For instance, playing as Mercy maybe a gold wave throughout the keyboard as you send out healing circulation and a blue wave of light as you send out a strength-up movement. The consequences are just paintings, without any more problem, and Razer has come a long way to get recreation builders on board with Chroma.


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