5 Best Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on Budget

A kitchen is a happy place for the home. It is the space where you cook delightful dishes and spend quality time with your children and partner.

It is one of those crucial areas of the home that have to be well-kept to take the value of your property a notch higher.


However, it is not the money only that brings life to your kitchen but the choice of paint, flooring, decorations, cabinet materials, and other additions you pick to make it a cheerful and happy place.

Here are some easy and amazing DIYs to help you complete the kitchen makeover without having to shed hundreds of dollars for it –

#1 – Paint the Walls

As obvious as this may sound, re-painting your kitchen walls actually brings an instant transformation to this space. So, get rid of the old wall paints and use a brand new color to bring an actual change to the kitchen. However, stay away from choosing very bold or contrasting shades and rather opt for neutral hues.

#2 – Experiment Some Patterns

If you are bored of wall paints, you can instead pick floral patterned wallpapers. Using vintage or abstract designed wallpapers fills up the emptiness for you and adds a dash of creativity to your kitchen. You can try using colorful wallpaper on one wall keeping the rest very neutral, or make use of different yet complimenting wallpapers throughout.

#3 – Refresh your Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of replacing your entire kitchen cabinetry, it is best to have it re-painted or refaced. You can also consider changing the door and drawer knobs that have got a contemporary touch to them. With these simple tricks, you can bring a whole new look to cabinets and the kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket.

#4 – Smart Storages

Depending upon your lifestyle and family requirements, you need to have sufficient storage space in your kitchen. At the same time, most of the kitchens come with ample storage drawers and cabinets; who would mind having a little extra. An extremely cost-efficient way of doing that is by fixing floating shelves like rustic wooden ledges over the sink that can be used to stack your daily utensils or beautiful artworks.

#5 – Wall Decors

Using simple wall decors on your kitchen wall can become the highlighting feature of your kitchen area and make it look more trendy and stylish. However, you don’t need to spend a thousand bucks on buying an artistic piece; rather, rely on your creative skills. There are abundant reference images on Pinterest and YouTube to help you with DIYs. One of my personal favorites is repainting the old plates and hanging them on the wall.

While there is a lot of kitchen updation that can be done yourself, any major renovation would require you to hire a professional kitchen renovation team who would successfully give life to your vision.


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