Salt Lake Gaming Con has ‘leveled up’

When Jake Williams took home a world championship identify for his capabilities at the tabletop game HeroClix in 2013, he was given sponsorship for gaming started getting worried in some gaming conventions throughout the country.

These activities, wherein all types meet to play and try new systems and games, changed into something absent from the Utah conference scene.

“I used to throw live shows for a residing for numerous years,” he says. “I concept, we need to do (a gaming conference) in Salt Lake City! I actually have an entertainment background, and I conceive it would simply make sense to jump in and attempt it.”

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So taking matters into his own palms, he organized Salt Lake Gaming Con, which premiered in 2015.

“We notion we knew what we were doing,” Williams says with amusement. “Coming from concert events, we thought it might be smooth. There become plenty more work worried than we ever thought. It becomes plenty greater extreme than we ever thought it changed into going to be.”

The following year, just a week before the second one Salt Lake Gaming Con opened, Williams partnered with Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg, the co-founders of the wildly hit Salt Lake Comic-Con.

And it is this year’s occasion in which the real impact of that partnership could be visible.

“Our goal is to offer an outstanding revel in for gaming fans via imparting a regional gaming convention that didn’t exist earlier than,” stated Farr in a media release. “There is a lot of crossover with fans of Salt Lake Comic Con and Salt Lake Gaming Con, and we’re assured that attendees will locate many things to revel in and could have a notable experience at Salt Lake Comic Con.”


“What we are saying across the workplace is we have leveled up,” says SLGC tournament and software director Kye Browning about the partnership among the two conventions approach.

The events do have a lot in commonplace – both functions a showcase corridors, both have a series of panels that encompass an extensive range of topics, and both host cosplay occasions. So it’s a no-brainer the two attract some of the identical fans.

However, as Williams factors out, Comic-Con and Gaming Con are specific beasts. At Comic-Con, there is large attention to the celebrities, while Gaming Con emphasizes activities.

“With Gaming Con, the distinction is we surely try and push greater reports,” Williams says. “You need to come out and demo that recreation you noticed debuted at E3? Do you want to trip around on our actual-lifestyles Mario Kart tune that we’ve got constructed? Do you need to be in a large Nerf war? Do you need to play over seven-hundred board video games?”

And there is going to be an experience for everybody. It’s something Browning is captivated with.

“We have something for each type of gamer,” he says, noting that with cellular, video, tabletop, and board games, almost absolutely everyone can fall into the “gamer” class.

Salt Lake Gaming Con’s video games throw an extensive internet. There might be lots of latest video games, surely, and popular tabletop and board games, but organizers are also specializing in unfashionable gaming.

“We have a huge pinball collection it’s coming in,” Browning says. “We have a gaggle of old arcade cabinets coming in. We have a set coming in which might be bringing in a group of antique gaming consoles like the NES, the Sega Genesis, and Dreamcast.”

In addition to all of the weekend gaming activities, SLGC will make characteristic appearances from “Overwatch” actors, professional game enthusiasts, and a keynote deal with Ed Fries, the former VP of game publishing at Microsoft.

“He’s the daddy of Microsoft gaming,” Browning says. “He basically went to Bill Gates someday and stated: ‘Hey, listen. I think we need to get into this video game thing.'”

But maximum of all, Gaming Con may be a place for game enthusiasts to connect, Williams says.

“We just want people to play games with each different in person,” he says. “To me, it really is likely the maximum a laugh element.”


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