Samsung Galaxy On 7 Prime Review

Samsung is taking another have a look at its low-priced Android cellphone line-up to counter opposition from the likes of Xiaomi and Honor. The Galaxy On 7 Prime, which is one such example, is focused on buyers looking for an affordable telephone with a large screen and overall performance that isn’t compromised. It is priced at Rs12,990 (3GB RAM+ 32GB inner garage) and Rs14,990 (4GB + 64GB).

Here is everything you need to realize about the brand new Samsung Galaxy On 7 Prime.

■This is a well-constructed telephone with the complete metal jacket at the back and facet panels. The front panel looks like a chunk run of the mill with extensive bezels. The fingerprint sensor is incorporated with the mouse button on the front panel.

■It’s correct, unlocks the phone quickly, and also can be used to unlock apps protected with a password. The navigation keys are located outside the interface, along with the mouse button. The best challenge is that they may be now not backlit.

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■The Galaxy On 7 Prime weighs 168g but, without problems, useable with one hand. The matte finish on the back, the slightly wide aspect panel feel greater significant and offer a higher grip. The volume keys are located at the left, and electricity to save you any accidental taps. The Honor 9 Lite (Rs10,999 onwards) weighs simply 149g but has a smooth return one of its competition.

■Samsung has added a dedicated microSD slot, which means customers can enter the two 4G SIM slots and gain the expandable storage function concurrently.

■The 5.5-inch show has a decision of 1,920×1,080p, which puts it on par with maximum finances smartphones. The Honor nine Lite has a five.6-inch screen with a resolution of 2,160×1,080p and a more immersive 18: nine component ratio. In phrases of color replica and readability, the Samsung smartphone is proper for the pleasant within the budget section.

Like most budget smartphones, this one also runs the vintage version (7.1) of Android with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which has been redesigned a little to include the new Android interface elements. It still looks cluttered but gives masses of customization options and functions such as Samsung’s AI-based totally personal assistant called Bixby and Samsung’s UPI-based payment app understand as Pay Mini.

■The Honor 7x is one of the few price range smartphones to run Android eight.0 out of the box, and its Emotion UI offers lots of customization alternatives.

■Powering the Galaxy On 7 Prime is Samsung’s Exynos 7870 octa-middle processor, which becomes capable of delivering a stutter-loose performance regardless of eight to ten apps jogging inside the heritage. However, it is not as effective as the HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor used in the Honor 6 Lite.

■The Samsung phone packs in a 3,300mAh battery that can muster a single day’s backup with modest use ease. The Honor nine Lite has a 3,000mAh battery, but the battery backup is at par with the Galaxy On 7 Prime.

■The thirteen-megapixel camera on the Galaxy On 7 Prime is barely higher than the dual 13+2-megapixel camera at the Honor 9 Lite. Even in landscape photographs with restricted daylight, items appearance clear and crisp. It struggles on the subject of lighting fixtures up darker areas, though. Low-light pictures are average and washed out.

■Samsung Galaxy On 7 Prime is effective in lots of approaches. Still, the HonThete looks higher positioned due to the more immersive display, lighter form component, more modern Android OS, and superior processor.

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