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Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak Exposes America’s Raw Deal


The Galaxy S9 will supply plenty of things: a better show, tweaked the design, notably better camera and battery life stagnation. But what Samsung’s modern-day telephone will now not deliver is an equal experience for all, and it turns out America is the large loser…

The information comes through the ever-reliable SamMobile, which noticed the first benchmarks for the Samsung Exynos 9810-equipped version of the Galaxy S9. The outcomes are amazing, achieving unmarried and multi-core Geekbench scores of 3648 and 8894 respectively. This is a huge jump on the Exynos 8895-powered Galaxy Note 8 which managed 1960 and 6473 in the same tests.

But there’s the hassle: America received’t get this version.

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Instead, Samsung will promote the Galaxy S9 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 inside the US and its consequences are dramatically worse. While a multi-middle rating of 8400 remains near, its unmarried middle rating is just 2400 – a drop off of 32.Four% of the Exynos chip. And it is an unhappy reality that many apps stay unoptimized for multi-center performance.

But why could Samsung promote a probably much slower Galaxy S9 to the United States when it already makes a superior chipset itself?

It all comes right down to an ancient licensing settlement between Samsung and Qualcomm. Signed lower back in 1993, the agreement forbids Samsung from selling Exynos chips inside the US. Of route technology is in a totally unique location 25 years later, however, for now, the binding settlement stays in the region.

Consequently, Samsung will deliver the Exynos-prepared Galaxy S9 (and Galaxy S9 Plus) smartphones anywhere, except the US.

Samsung may decide to throttle its own chips so performance balances out (Apple has done this earlier than with iPhones), but it’s possibly a better move to allow demand build for Exynos hardware which in flip increases the stress on Qualcomm to relent. That can be wishful questioning, however, as a recent agreement among the two over Qualcomm anti-aggressive practices contained no exchange to the 1993 deal.

All of that is in all likelihood to take the shine off the Galaxy S9 for Samsung’s US lovers. A shame coming simply days after the telephone changed into accidentally confirmed through a chief service…

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