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Second finale display in pipeline for Dundee Fashion


Organisers of Dundee Fashion Week say they’re overbooked for its grand finale — and a 2nd show is now in the works.

The occasion, which is being sponsored by means of the Tele, could be staged from May 7-13 in venues across the city.

Iconic locations along with the Overgate, McManus, HM Frigate Unicorn, and the Steeple Church will host showcases for nearby talent.

And the climax may be a catwalk show at the Caird Hall on May thirteen.

Organisers of the competition — the primary of its kind in Dundee — have now revealed that because of the interest proved within the catwalk, they are drawing up plans for a second event.

Details of what the second one display may want to contain are yet to be finalized, however, style week founder Alexandra Harnett said discussions had been underneath way.

She instructed the Tele: “All the initial signs are looking precise for the fashion week.

“We are actually working a ready listing for the finale. We are looking for a second event and are going to have to talk about it. We can’t have a second finale-type occasion, but we can have a look at in all likelihood doing a student-type occasion.”

Alexandra, who previously defined the assist for the pageant as “extraordinary”, stated designers had the chance of making use of to be a part of the catwalk finale on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

The purpose of the occasion is to have a good time the entirety that affects the sector in favor.

There may be occasions primarily based on fashion, beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing and traits.

The origins of the style week come from the annual Dundee and Angus College Fashion Show, with college students set to be closely worried within the in the back of-the-scenes going for walks of the new event. They will even provide their personal designs and paintings for the very last show.

Alexandra said it became a super opportunity for the students to research real operating talents.

She stated: “It may be a danger for the students to gain abilities in selling, advertising and networking, which they may want following crowning glory of their research.”

Fashion dressmaker David Alexander stated he was hoping the occasion could carry humans lower back to the roots of the innovative industries in Dundee.

He stated: “We need to awaken Dundee and revive the creative industries.”

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