Sony Takes on Apple as MP3 Players Evolve Into MP4

Apple stole a march on Sony inside the portable song marketplace when the iPod appeared as the hottest MP3 player available. With consumers now demanding extra cellular enjoyment, video tune players should spell the end for MP3 players – and Sony looks like it way business with the release of its new Walkman.

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During the technology whilst transportable tune came in a far extra tangible shape of cassettes and CDs, Sony almost carried the marketplace with its Walkman idea. However, because of the iPod’s dawn, Sony has because determined itself not the chief of the transportable audio participant marketplace. The cutting-edge offerings from Sony appearance as though they might be able to force iPod to wobble a little a chunk on their perch as they are searching to take again what had for so long been theirs – the domination of the transportable song marketplace.

The NW-A 800 range extends the portable tune player lineup that Sony presently has. The layout continues to be recognizable from the previous NW-A one thousand range, but its miles now a lot slimmer, measuring best 1cm thick. Where its predecessor failed with Sony’s Connect Player track management software program, the NW-A 800 models are furnished with SonicStage within the bid to rival Apple’s iTunes. By killing off Connect Player and resurrecting SonicStage – at the beginning designed for use with the unwell-fated NetMD players – Sony successfully demonstrates the way it intends to research from its errors.

The organization remains to continue the ATRAC audio layout, keeping Sony’s determination to say its manner on the arena. The players themselves also support the greater generic MP3, AAC, and WMA codecs, making them accessible to greater users. Although the audio transfers are carried out with Sony’s personal software program, video transfers are made with a simple drag and drop, and the player’s aid MPEG4 and AVC video codecs. Another diffused distinction exists between the antique and new Walkman MP3 players because the NW-A 800 comes with flash reminiscence in place of a tough disk. As is the standard with portable video gamers, it’ll be feasible to upload JPEG pix to view too.


On paper, the Sony Walkman MP3 participant seems a good way to compete with the Apple iPod; it appears excellent, it can constantly play for 30 hours (eight hours for video), it uses a software program that works in addition to conventional strategies, and it’s miles well-matched with plenty of different popular report codecs. Unfortunately, Sony may additionally find out that this Walkman may not compete with the iPod Video on the rate. Apple’s 30GB iPod Video may be located on the Internet at costs as low as £a hundred and fifty, whereas the NW-A808 8GB Walkman retails at the quality at £179.99.

Although people with smaller tune collections may nicely have extra money spare, the compactness and assured uninterrupted playback of the Walkman could not work in all likelihood win over this kind of huge saving per GB, the iPod’s inferior battery life may additionally play into the hands of Sony; in addition to the greater file layout compatibilities, however, it’s miles hard to imagine that there may be many people who are inclined to pay over the odds for transportable MP4 video gamers at this early degree of the market lifecycle. Clearly, Sony has a bet lot on the early adopters.

In terms of add-ons, Apple has captured many different producers’ imaginations, and there exist masses of add-ons and spin-offs to hold the savviest glad. These range from portable speakers and skins to audio pets and body straps and are all designed with the identical quirky-looking panache synonymous with the iPod. Sony has introduced that there can also be plenty of add-ons available for the brand new MP3 participant. However, it is possible that there will now not be identical adulation and take-in from third birthday party producers this is afforded to Apple.

With Sony’s design also aiming at a more sophisticated ‘cool’ look, it would additionally be more difficult for designers to create something which could praise the player. Sony’s previous insistence on implementing its personal formats and standards hasn’t usually endeared itself to most people, either, so this depends in opposition to the take up for 0.33 birthday celebration produced by gizmos. By incorporating the standard drag and drop method for playing MP4 and video files, this can take Sony into greater famous mild. To help boost their presence, they have also released a MySpace page to inspire a greater approachable personality.

Cracking the MP3 participant marketplace is already difficult sufficient, with different manufacturers like Creative and Samsung conserving positions below Apple. Sony’s records inside the portable participant marketplace have carried it well into the virtual age; however, now they locate themselves playing trap up towards notably larger odds. Advocates of Sony’s innovation and build quality will be greater than organized to pay for this new MP3 participant, and that may be enough to ruffle Apple’s feathers. As credible a success as this will be, Sony is possible to be unsatisfied with this. They may desire that the NW-A 800 variety is a step to regaining the marketplace leading position.


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