Stefan de Vrij set for Lazio exit in summer season

In line with the Italian membership’s sporting director, Lazio defender Stefan de Vrij seems probable to depart in June with his contract renewal having been withdrawn.

The sky in Italy mentioned closing summer that Liverpool was interested in signing the 26-yr-antique Dutchman.

His modern-day deal is due to expire at the season’s give-up, and negotiations for an extension have dragged on.
It means that De Vrij would be a loose agent after June.

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Speaking ahead of Monday nighttime’s Serie A suit against Verona, Lazio’s sporting director Igli Tare instructed Mediaset Premium: “Lazio have withdrawn the thought we made for a new contract to De Vrij.

“We are taking flight for motives that we can explain for in a while. It changed into a preference made after many months of negotiations. However, there is also a restriction to how matters went.

“He has been an exemplary expert, and we thank him for that in addition to what he’s going to do till the give-up of the season. He gave plenty to the club, just as we have a first-rate deal to him, but our paths will divide among June.
It’s a count number of fairness. This isn’t always the opportune time to provide the motives for this decision, but we had to give a reaction, and we gave it this nighttime.

“It is better to appearance forward, as Lazio are a side who have grown in current years and could continue to grow, due to the fact we simply do not lack players.”

There had been reports of De Vrij being a target for league opponents Juventus and Inter Milan and Manchester City and Manchester United.

“It’s no longer a trouble for him agreeing on phrases with different golf equipment, but of being fair in negotiations,” endured former Albania striker Tare.

“We did matter the right way, however, matters modified at the remaining second. We now do not desire to maintain along with this route. The most effective factor sure is that within the world, there is no lack of gamers.”

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