Tech Review BlackBerry OS 7.1

Research in Motion has recently launched the contemporary update to its mobile operating system at the BlackBerry platform. The smartphone company has also released many recent gadgets that come enabled with today’s working gadgets in both 2G and 3G versions. Users looking to enjoy the modern-day functions available on BlackBerry will shell out some hundred greenbacks on the brand new device, considering older versions aren’t upgradable to the current launch. The highest OS that you can upgrade your older cellphone to is 6, a stripped-down version of what is available at OS 7.1.

BlackBerry has made the cheapest clever phones inside the market nowadays, staying beforehand of competitors both in price and features. Its primary challengers inside the cellular working gadget marketplace are Android for mobile and iOS that are available at the Apple iPhone. Each of these has an uplink for downloading applications in your smartphone tool. Android apps are to be had on Google Play (from the Google.Com homepage) simultaneously as the Apple Store, and BlackBerry App Store can be reached at the computing device and on the smartphone. Each of these telephones additionally presents local browsers and incorporates social feeds and networking sites.


The OS 7.1 presents a smoother experience using either the music pad or the contact display. This is to be had in higher models. Some new capabilities have been delivered inside the latest BlackBerry that isn’t always available in the preceding OS. The search bar on the homepage is a dynamic toolbar that also doubles as a notifications tray. It shows notification icons for Facebook, Twitter, BBM, text messages, and configured emails. There is also a shortcut to the right of it and a shortcut to sound profiles at the cellphone to the left. The usual domestic screen details are displayed in the topmost bar, which is likewise a drop-down button that opens up your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and connection settings.

Research in Motion has advanced the modern running system, maintaining in mind the changing trends in the clever smartphone market. With Android letting customers have and personalize several home displays that may be accessed with the swipe motion, BB 7.1 also allows you to navigate across Home, Favorites, Downloads, and Media with the song pad motion. Any internet site page, pre-loaded software, or downloaded app may be brought to the favorites tab for a single click on get right of entry to from the house screen. The brand new OS also has a default search for QWERTY keys that search all folders, files, phonebooks, and recent surfing history.

Although I may also have pointed out the hazards of the usage of Windows Update in my preceding article, I have recently observed other things about the software that gives it both benefit and notion.

Recently I labored on my Dad’s new PC after he attempted to exchange the ram in his vintage one while it changed into one and wound up frying the mainboard, and I noticed pair of things about Windows Update. His girlfriend made certain that his replica of Windows XP home changed into completely updated, putting in just about every update that existed.

While I tried to explain to her that this became a particularly paranoid manner of defensive his PC, I noticed that without SP2 positive capabilities of his PC might be disabled or no longer paintings as well as they should. You may also observe this as properly. For instance, if you have an ATI Radeon card and would really like the most up-to-date drivers – the producer internet site recommends having SP2 hooked up as they work high-quality with that platform.

Recently I was additionally operating on a chum of the circle of relatives’ PC. It became an IBM ThinkCentre PC, and his USB, audio, and VGA drivers have been now not operating properly. This can be fixed without problems with a motherboard machine disk, but he didn’t have that. I visited the IBM internet site to get the right drivers, and it mentioned that the USB drivers had been in SP2. As he had a pirated XP model and could not download SP2, I needed to install an inventory model of SP2 I had with me.

After that, his USB port worked pleasantly. So, to re-iterate: Windows Update is essential, maximum actually, for updating to new carrier packs. Also, home windows update is likewise very beneficial for finding drivers you would need for legacy gadgets and onboard devices. For extra records associated with finding drivers for legacy/onboard devices, discuss with my guide on that topic.

Other than that – safety updates – now not they all are critical. I can be writing an editorial on security updates shortly, so check back quickly.


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