Travel blogger tracks down real-existence movie

(CNN) — Ever ogled the brilliant scenery of “Star Wars” and wanted you may be transported to galaxy ways, some distance away?
Or have the time of your lifestyles watching “Dirty Dancing” — and fantasize approximately your own summer season at Kellerman’s hotel?
Film fan Andrea David takes those dreams one step similarly — she travels the sector seeking out the places utilized in her favorite movies and TV collection.
When she tracks them down, David aligns published-out film stills with the real-lifestyles vacation spot, merging the silver display screen with our truth.

“I thought it would be a laugh to try to align the image with its actual background to mix up delusion and fact in a single photo,” David tells CNN Travel.
German-born David started the assignment whilst she began analyzing tourism control in Munich. She determined to write her diploma thesis on the influence of cinema on tourist behavior.
“I gained a taste of it and began visiting numerous filming locations,” she remembers. “After my thesis, I persevered traveling this manner because I simply loved it.”
David commenced taking printed pictures of the film scenes along with her — but at the beginning, it turned into surely to help her music down particular places.

Travel blogger tracks down real-existence movie 1

“It’s easier to ask neighborhood humans about filming places when you could show them the particular scenes,” she explains.
It turned into whilst traveling in Cambodia, searching out a place for “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” that David had the concept to take a photograph of the picture.
Since then, her concept has taken off — and David posts photographs of her film stills of their real-existence places on her famous blog Filmtourismus.De and on her Instagram account @filmtourismus — which has over 82,000 followers.

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Travel blogger tracks down real-existence movie 2

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Travel blogger tracks down real-existence movie 3

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