Turn Bad News Into Glad News, Five Keys That Will Change Your Outlook

Are you bored with hearing terrible information and infinite predictions of doom and gloom? Can’t appear to get the gnawing feeling of melancholy from your belly? I’ve been tired of it for years, and these days, as you properly realize, it is gotten worse. I’ve decided to let you in on some of my habits for keeping my wits approximately me and keeping an excellent attitude, notwithstanding the awful things lifestyles may also carry. Here are five secrets to turning Bad News into Glad News.
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1. During your morning drive-time, listing at least 10 things you are thankful for.

If the terrible information in existence starts to weigh you down, you’ll usually tip the scales to your preferences while you start to depend on your benefits. The fine factor about living in America is living with HOPE. Many countries provide minimal to nearly no opportunity for their residents to control their destinies and enhance their lives. In fact, the sector’s general public would not even come near the blessings we Americans live with, and we need to be grateful for our being prideful.

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While Americans are suing their doctors, a whole lot of the arena wishes that they had one. While Americans throw tantrums because they have to wait in line at the grocery shop, half of the sector’s populace is going to mattress hungry. Enter each day with thanksgiving on your coronary heart and stroll into your place of business with pleasure. You’ll be surprised how wonderful your mind-set turns once you begin counting your blessings.

2. Surround yourself with optimists and chortle regularly.

I am repulsed with the aid of emotional vampires. That’s what I name individuals who drain me of every drop of correct news I’m seeking to hold onto. The only time it’s beneficial to loaf around a person who is a moist blanket is when your hair is on the fireplace. I’d rather stay far from a naysayer. Most people already recognize what’s wrong with our day. What people need is someone who sees the day in a brighter mild. Once every week, make some popcorn and sit down to observe a humorous movie. Read the news at fark, which is reader-submitted news from round the arena wherein people give their spin on the ridiculous – it cracks me up each time. You should see paintings as being constructive and keeping your smile. Nobody goes to try this for you. Optimistic humans are advocated together by using each other’s fantastic outlook. It’s the principle of “iron sharpeneth iron.”

3. Turn Broadcast News OFF!

I have not watched the 6 O’clock information for over two years now, and the most effective issue I leave out is my anti-depressants. My motto is as follows. “Read what you want!” Visit Yahoo or Google News for ten mins each morning and ignore the blithering speaking heads at night! Too a great deal of negative spin will make you depressed and dizzy. The weatherman is seldom right, and the speak heads provide greater bad critiques than real factual news. Your philosopher is managed through what you feed it and anything someone thinks, to be what they grow to be. I’ve determined to screen what I permit in my head, and as a result, I sense like I’m turning into a higher person with a better life.

4. Focus on answers, no longer issues.

Too many people spend their day centered on what is wrong with the sector, the enterprise climate, or hair. Very little time seems to be focused on what is right or how to restore our problems. I stay inside the same united states as you and hear approximately the identical gradual economic system; however, my intention is to in no way end an afternoon wherein I haven’t finished something that movements me ahead in existence. Everything from greasing a squeaky hinge in my rental to e-mailing potential customers and inspiring them to read a terrific ebook. It all subjects, and it continues me focused on my answers, not my issues. Because I awareness on solutions, I’ve located many greater people need to be my friend. It’s wonderful how hungry the sector is for leaders and hassle solvers. The international is complete of followers, and I refuse to be one of them!

5. Give your manner out of a down economy!

I examine an article yesterday approximately a nearby hair salon owner right here in Minneapolis. He has decided 2009 will still be a yr of commercial enterprise boom regardless of a “suggested” slow financial system. You’d assume an upscale hair salon would be bracing for the pinch with humans searching out ways to keep the money. After a few adjustments to his pricing, products, and services, the owner announced growth in sales for January ’09 over the same length closing yr. Why? Because he is giving his customers some price breaks, and he’s being rewarded for it. More humans are coming in, and the phrase is getting out. You may think giving-to-get is ludicrous, but it is definitely a principle that rewards the giver on every occasion. Learn to present, and it will likely be given back to you, often over.

Well, there ya move. Now cross-create a few happy information, my pal.

JL Glass is a nationally acknowledged motivational speaker and advertising guru. Over the years, he has owned small agencies’ ramification, from eating places to actual property. JL is understood for his professional use of humor and tale-telling. As a keynote speaker, he loves to make his audiences snort while difficult for them to analyze.

His lifestyles story consists of surviving the adventure after his son shriveled bacterial spinal meningitis at the age of 4 and his daughter’s diagnosis of a brain tumor while she becomes seven. JL is aware of all too nicely what cloudy days can convey and how good the morning sunshine can feel.



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