Waters progress now not a template for Stanaway

Tickford Racing’s technique and expectancies for Cameron Waters over the past two seasons will count for little while Richie Stanaway begins his rookie Supercars campaign next month.

Waters made his complete-time debut with the group – then referred to as Prodrive Racing Australia – in 2016, after prevailing the Dunlop Super2 Series and filling in as Chaz Mostert’s overdue-season harm alternative in ’15.

He finished 19th inside the championship as a rookie; however, in 2017, he rose to 8th and won alongside Stanaway at Sandown.

Waters progress now not a template for Stanaway 1

Stanaway joins Tickford with a hugely-exceptional CV after nearly a decade in Europe but has contested the final two PIRTEK Enduro Cups and a Super2 round with the Ford group.

Team predominant Tim Edwards said there aren’t any predominant instructions from its technique with Waters that could be applied as its recruit receives on top of things.

“It’s a case of using case technique,” he told Supercars.Com. “The truth is Cam’s Cam and Richie’s Richie.

“All drivers have diverse strengths and weaknesses, and he might prove us all incorrect and may exit to a song he’s in no way been to before and feature a whale of a time.

“You don’t recognize what you don’t realize. We’re just looking to be sensible with our expectancies, each internally and externally.

“There’s no doubt he’s a star driver, but it just takes time, and also, you’re up in opposition to a number of the exceptional drivers inside the world on this category, in a category wherein such small margins can make one of this large distinction. It’s going to be hard.”

Stanaway completed a rookie test day an ultimate week at Winton, in which Waters went through a shakedown of his new-for-2018 chassis.

With enjoy at Sydney Motorsport Park, Sandown, Bathurst, and the Gold Coast, Stanaway can have raced a Supercar at four of the 16 venues on the 2018 calendar.

The New Zealander has additionally examined and undertaken co-driving force exercise classes at Winton and participated in the latter at Queensland Raceway.

Stanaway additionally has revealed in Albert Park, Symmons Plains, Hidden Valley, and Pukekohe from Formula Ford campaigns either facet of the Tasman.

, the bulk of his racing has been available junior single-seater instructions in Europe and as a manufacturing facility Aston Martin GT driver.

For the drivers to have entered Supercars from beyond the now-ordinary time in Super2 in current years, Simona De Silvestro remaining season and Robert Dahlgren in 2014 proportion the nice championship result of the twenty-fourth.

“There’s no question together with his credentials he’s a welcome boost to no longer simplest this group however also to the category,” Edwards stated of Stanaway.

“Both Richie and myself are sensible as properly approximately the expectations for 12 months one.

Waters progress now not a template for Stanaway 2

“Some incredible drivers have available [to Supercars] and had a crack, and it is not clean.

“There’ll be tracks that Richie is going to that he is by no means been to earlier than.

“And whilst you when you’re in a class in which one-tenth may be approximately 15 grid positions, it could be that small margin whilst he’s simply getting his head around a sure track or a certain nook or something it’s far that would make it tough for him.

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Waters progress now not a template for Stanaway 3

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