We want your saddest and sleaziest gaming scam memories

We’ve all had that moment of ethical war over whether we should completely screw over a stranger in an online recreation. Maybe it becomes in EVE Online, after sooner or later being trusted with the keys for your agency’s coffers, or perhaps it changed into in Diablo 2, the use of exploits to swindle some terrible sucker out of a coveted object. In that equal vein, we’ve got also known the sting of knowing that your parents had been right and that, even in a video game, you shouldn’t agree with strangers. If a deal appears too properly to be authentic, then it typically is.

If writing approximately EVE Online has taught me one component, regardless of who turned into scammed or how it went down, it commonly makes for one hell of a story. That’s why we want to understand yours. If you have loved a stint as a swindling bastard in an internet sport, this is your hazard to confess one’s sins and come easy. Or, if you’ve been harboring that mystery disgrace of getting hoodwinked using an apparent scam, we want to understand that story too.

We want your saddest and sleaziest gaming scam memories 1

Inspired by this Reddit thread, we’re going to take your funniest, maximum savage (or tragic) tales and set them up this weekend right into a chronicle of our community’s sordid history with scamming. We’re hoping we can all come collectively as wolves and sheep and share an excellent laugh.

“My personal favorite become from [Ultima Online]. Back in the day, you can trap treasure chests, and in case your tinker ability turned into excessive sufficient, it turned into almost usually a one-shot kill. I turned into the bank at Minot, and I whispered to a random guy there if he desired to look something cool. I told him to play alongside, and no matter what, do not choose up the chest I drop.

So we move some steps far from the financial institution and start ‘speaking.’ I stated something alongside the strains of ‘Hey, that is too heavy to exchange. I would possibly drop it at the organization. It’s packed with too many weapons.’ And as I’m saying this, human beings begin creeping nearer and nearer. I ultimately say, ‘Hey, get prepared, I’ll drop it real brief, and you pick it up speedy.’

Of course, as quickly as I drop it, humans swarm to attempt to select it up. It disappears off the ground, and a few seconds later, a few nicely dressed person explodes, leaving his body. People immediately swarm him, stripping his individual all the way down to his undies, taking all his stuff. It was hilarious.”

But PlayStation Now isn’t always just about gambling console exclusives on PC. It’s about taking the PlayStation on the road. Yes, the PS4 is the only home leisure tool that presently supports PlayStation Now, seeing that Sony dropped the guide for TVs, Blu-ray gamers, and the PS3 and PS Vita handheld in February. But the fact that you may plug a DualShock 4 controller into almost any of’ Windows laptops and hearth up a PlayStation sport is still a fascinating idea.


It’s only a shame Sony can’t discern how many subscription offerings it needs you to pay for. The organization says a PlayStation Now subscription will help you play multiplayer games without the PlayStation Plus subscription ($60, £forty, or AU$70 a yr) you’d normally need. But Sony tells us you will still want that identical PS Plus subscription to transfer your local sport saves to the cloud — and as a consequence, be able to resume your already bought video games at the pass.

If you want to offer it a strive, Sony’s making it a bit extra available than earlier than in the United States — in addition to a 7-day free trial, Sony’s imparting promotional pricing of $10 for the first month or $a hundred for an entire 12 months, which compares favorably to Netflix. After the trial period, it’ll revert to the ordinary rate of $20 a month, or £thirteen inside the UK.

Originally released in July 2014, PlayStation Now is basically Netflix for games. Sony packages up an entire bunch of older “lower back catalog” games that aren’t racking up sales. Then it streams them on call for, from net servers, for a subscription fee.

Judging by using the primary batch of PS4 games that Sony’s saying today, that version hasn’t changed: even as it’s pretty neat that PC gamers can experience PlayStation exclusives like Killzone Shadow Fall and Resogun for the primary time, these games are all nicely-used, and most exist already on Windows.


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