What can iPhones do that Android-telephones cannot

The debate over which cellphone OS -iOS or Android- is higher has been ongoing for years.

Both Apple and Google launched contemporary versions of iOS and Android, iOS eleven and Android eight Oreo respectively, closing 12 months.

However, iOS eleven with some updates and numerous new capabilities seems to have overwhelmed Android Oreo.

Here are the things iPhones can do however Android smartphones can’t.
iPhone users can filter out messages to control unsolicited mail
Spam messages are a big risk faced by almost every mobile person in the world. To deal with this issue, Apple brought a function to clear out unsolicited mail messages in iOS 11.

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Earlier versions of iOS may want to filter messages from unknown senders, however, with iOS eleven, Apple has given customers a chance to apply third-celebration message filters for Messages to take away unsolicited mail messages.

IOS 11 comes with local display screen recording
Apple’s brand new iOS eleven has local “Screen Recording” feature that can not best seize a video of the contents of tool’s screen (display) however also file external voice input (audio or voiceovers) in conjunction with the video with none outside tool.

IOS customers can also create GIFs with this tool.

Samsung gadgets assist display recording, however, it isn’t a native feature in Android OS.
Syncing messages and sending cash thru Messages app
iOS 11 brings the updated version of Messages app with the iCloud assist. So, customers can sync Messages throughout all of their Apple devices the use of the same Apple ID.

Also, iOS 11 users can without problems send or get hold of money to contacts without delay from Messages app via texts. Money also can be transferred to financial institution accounts.

Such messages-associated capabilities are but to arrive for Android.

Battery Control
Users can manipulate iPhone’s battery and performance
iOS 11.Three beta has a device to offer greater power to customers through allowing them to manage iPhone’s battery and performance; something that Android would not offer.

It affords users with exact battery information. It lets customers disable the battery-throttling function and might recommend battery replacement in case of problems. Apple faced criticism and lawsuits over secretly slowing the performance of iPhones with getting older batteries.

New codecs
Apple’s new image, video codecs shop 50% space
Apple introduced new codecs for taking pictures photos/motion pictures with iOS 11 that assist users to store 50% of the device’s garage area whilst maintaining the excellent.

IOS 11 makes use of HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Codec) for movies and HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format) for still pix.

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However, Android customers can only seize pics/movies; they can not compress them while preserving the fine intact or shop garage area.

AirPlay 2
Users can play music on more than one audio system concurrently
Another thrilling function iOS 11 brings to customers is the ability to move tune throughout Apple devices with the updated AirPlay 2.

It will offer “multi-room audio” characteristic on iOS gadgets so that may customers can flow song to multiple gadgets which includes Apple TVs at the identical time.

However, Google is but to come with such an audio/video streaming characteristic for Android.

Automated phone systems have emerged as so stressful and unreliable that most of the top groups in America are going returned to name center services and smartphone answering offerings. Many enterprise fashions revolve around the concept of actually taking smartphone messages for busy medical doctors, attorneys or other enterprise experts. The fashionable public doesn’t have the time to press 43 buttons for alternatives, handiest to be dragged round in circles inside the system.

Another difficulty dealing with corporations that use computerized structures is the truth that calls from VOIP (Voice Over IP, or Internet Telephone) callers often can not navigate thru computerized systems due to virtual interference. People who cannot name hotlines for help with a product or service often stop commercial enterprise with the agency that they cannot reach.

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Choosing a name center to address your customer support calls is quite simple. Here are numerous factors to search for when selecting the correct phone answering provider or call center provider.

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Superb Agent Training: Training is in which the money lies. Every time a client calls customer support approximately your product, they ought to be capable of grasp up feeling content that their problem has been or can be addressed in a well-timed way.

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