If you don’t know the call Richie Akiva, possibilities are you’re familiar with considered one of his global-well-known nightlife institutions. As the founder of 1 Oak and Up & Down, two of New York’s most frequented fashion party spots, Akiva has grown to become having fun and letting loose right into a full-fledged enterprise.

Born and raised in Tribeca, Akiva grew up across the innovative and style scene, even beginning his own streetwear-skate clothing line at 15. When a close buddy of his passed away (Davide Sorrenti, brother of favor photographer Mario Sorrenti) some years later, Akiva wanted to throw an occasion in his honor — an art and fashion exhibition-turned-rager attended employing celebrities, fashions, and musicians. Its achievement later inspired him to pursue the nightlife and to eat place industries as a career.


Ut Akiva nevertheless ambitions to capture that vintage-faculty ambiance of partying in New York, beginning 1 Oak locations around the sector, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Maldives, Tokyo, Mexico City, quickly, Dubai. Ahead of New York Fashion Week, we hopped on the telephone with Akiva to discover how he prepares for fashion’s busiest after-birthday celebration circuit. Read on to study more.

What’s your agenda like leading as much as New York Fashion Week?

At this factor in my life, I think every day is Fashion Week for me. Every day is pretty tense. I’m bouncing from conferences to meetings and constructing tasks and growing new concepts and thoughts, and expanding manufacturers around the sector. It’s quite extreme, worrying, and around-the-clock proper now, even when it is no longer Fashion Week. But all through Fashion Week, it receives a little bit extra interesting.

How do you put together for a whole week of favor-adjoining after events?

Honestly talking, we do things quite closing-minute, but we’ve got a massive success price doing so. It’s nearly like we paintings higher beneath stress. You can supply me three months to devise something, and I’d as an alternative plan it inside per week, a week and a half of. The pressure does something. We are available in, we put together, look at what is taking place, what’s warm and what’s no longer, and wherein style is going, who is associated with what, and what manufacturers are within the understand the now. Then you offset it with the tune because tune and fashion move hand in hand.

Once a New York Fashion Week after-birthday party is booked at considered one of your nightspots, how do you intend it?

A fashion designer, fashion logo, or style residence will contact us — or we contact them because we have relationships with a number of those people. Then I sit down with my advertising and marketing crew, and we say, “Who are we able to get to perform? How have we software? How need to we enhance?” It all depends on who it’s far, how many of an effect they want to make, what results from they need to see, and wherein they need to be.


For a party with Rihanna, I will rework one among my locations … It might not even look like Up & Down or anything like that. It will seem like something this is just tailored and designed, and the production is [framed] around what she’s doing and what her show is ready or what her subject matter is set. We transform the area, after which we do program a few performances, and we also add little styles of matters — whether it is surpassed hors-d’oeuvres, picture cubicles, or dancers. Whatever the subject is, we strive and capture that so that you kind of stroll right into an exclusive global. I’m from the old faculty nightlife. I try and stick with how I discovered it, so I attempt to provide humans a breakout. I try and prepare my nights so people can come and allow their hair down, take their ties off and let out and be decompressed from their whole day of strolling around New York City.

What precisely makes a very good after-celebration at some stage in Fashion Week?

That’s tough to explain. I imply, if you could write out a formula and I ought to sell that formula, I’d be a wealthy man. It type of comes collectively. It’s simply approximately the vibe and putting certain things collectively and hoping that they work in sync and create this vibe.

Who are a few humans on your radar when it comes to reserving cool acts or visitors?

Migos is quite warm right now. My boy Virgil [Abloh] of Off-White is killing it right now. These men are making a large effect in fashion. Rihanna, as well, and what she’s doing.

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