Who is Tamika Pratt And What Happened To Her in “All American”?

tamika pratt

A hit TV show “All American” focused on a divisive topic in the US: police brutality in its third season. Describing the fictional story of Tamika Pratt, who is a young Black woman shot by a cop when she was seen sleeping inside her car. in this matter show star Olivia Baker (i.e. Samantha Logan) feels driven to strongly align herself with the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

‘All American’ is a TV drama series that highlights the lives of Black youth in Los Angeles County. The drama is highly inspired by the real-life incidents of Spencer Paysinger, a skilled American football player. It’s presently in its 3rd season and now has set social media abuzz with talks around the 11th episode.

In an episode, the show highlights the association between the Black community and police through Tamika Pratt’s killing. In case you’re interested to know who’s Tamika and what happens to Tamika, you’re only where you need to be!

Who Is Tamika Pratt in All-American?

Tamika Pratt

Tamika Pratt in All American is a fictional young Black woman shot down by a cop when she was taking a nap inside her car.

Tamika’s murder shakes the protagonist Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan). Tamika Pratt’s shooting story touched Olivia Baker since she had a comparable story but somehow has another outcome.

In the third season’s eighth episode of All American, Olivia involves in a car accident when she was intoxicated. As soon as the police officers knew that Olivia was the daughter of Laura Fine Baker, a white district attorney in LA, they took Olivia home.

However, this wasn’t the case for Tamika. Olivia understands that Tamika won’t be shot if she wasn’t a black woman. Thus, she showed courage to seek justice for Tamika’s death. She even released the bodycam footage of the cops to the public to make sure that justice was well-served.

Some people think that the storyline was inspired by George Floyd’s killing by police officers in the US. But the showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll stated that she pitched the storyline of All Americans in March 2020. It was almost 2 months before George Floyd’s murder.

Carroll also said that it always was a storyline they planned to do even before George Floyd’s life was taken. Carroll, being a mother of 2 youthful Black young men, is familiar with the uneasiness and torments around the subject. Thus, Carroll made this content.

The Real Story of Tamika Pratt’s

Tamika Pratt

The TV show ‘All American’ recognizes the value of Black youths. The drama is established on the real-life incident of American footballer Spencer Paysinger. Seeking divine intervention, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll wrote down the plot.

In its 3rd season, 11th episode the storyline took the internet by storm. People started having conversations about the incident of Tamika’s murder.

Playing through Tamika’s murder, the dramatic scenario named ‘The Bigger Picture’ emphasizes the relationship between the Black community and the police.

Below is what happened to Tamika in the drama. Let’s know here now.

What Happened to Tamika Pratt?

Tamika Pratt

The incident of Tamika reflects the difference in treatment between black and white people in the US. The storyline shows cop brutality in the US. It replicates what happened to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and also many other African-American women/men.

Tamika Pratt’s storyline shows that she was intoxicated and thus she couldn’t drive her car any longer. As a result, she preferred to take a nap to sober up instead of driving. The young black girl was then shot down by a police officer while she was taking a nap in her car.

Who Was Responsible for Tamika’s Death?

Tamika Pratt

The affairs of Tamika Pratt’s life are comparable to those of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and also other African-American individuals.

It’s said that the young black woman was hit by a police officer while taking a nap in her car as she was intoxicated.

It appears that the incident is consistent with current affairs, as Derek Chauvin, an official who was accountable for George Floy’s death.

So, if you ask who was responsible for Tamika Pratt’s death in the drama then we must say that it was the society and the attitude whites have regarding black people in America.

Tamika Pratt in All American was a fictional character but the incident wasn’t a unique one. In real life, it happens often in the United States.

Justice for Tamika” in All American

Tamika Pratt

Similar to many real incidents, Tamika Pratt’s murder creates an unpredictable nuisance. This begins when Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) talks about her killing on a digital broadcast, terrified by the lack of criticism after Tamika pratt’s death.

Eventually, Olivia goes extremely further to fight for Tamika’s justice. Scared at the way that the police’s bodycam record has not been delivered as well as accepting it would ensure the official’s act for Tamika’s death, she manages to hack into her mother’s computer.

She went on and posted the bodycam record showing how the office is responsible for Tamika Pratt’s killing.


Although Tamika Pratt is not a real-life person the image of ethical offense and police prejudices in the US was raised well in this drama called All American. The black woman was shot by a cop while she was taking a nap inside her car after she was intoxicated. The storyline appears to fit well with that of George Floyd.

Officer Derek Chauvin, accountable for George Floyd’s death, was seen strangling the victim brutally with a knee. The incident began the “Black Lives Matter movement”. And some people believe that Tamika Pratt’s storyline echoes George Floyd’s death.



Q. Who is Tamika Pratt in All American?

A. Tamika Pratt is a fictional young black lady character in the TV show named All American.

Q. Who killed Tamika Pratt?

A. Tamika Pratt’s storyline echoes George Floyd’s death, Breonna Taylor’s death, and other African-American people’s brutal death. The young black woman was shot by a cop while she was taking a nap inside her car after she was intoxicated.

Q. Is Tamika Pratt a real person?

A. Well, No. Tamika Pratt isn’t a real person. Nevertheless, the image of moral offense and police prejudices in the US was pitched very well in the drama called All American through the young woman Tamika Pratt’s storyline.

Q. Why did Tamika Pratt get shot on All-American?

A. Tamika Pratt was too drunk to drive her car. She opted to sleep instead so she could get some rest before driving her car. According to reports, the young woman was shot by a police officer while she was asleep.

Q. In which season of All American does Tamika Pratt die?

A. The young black lady Tamika Pratt dies in the eleventh episode of the third season of All American drama.

Q. What does “Justice for Tamika” refer to in All American?

A. The play’s writer offers a commentary on the current state of social injustice and police violence in the US. The loss of Tamika Pratt causes an unforeseen disturbance, just like actual events do. When Olivia exposes the murder case on her digital broadcast, the story starts.

She is appalled by the lack of outrage following Tamika’s passing. She breaks into her mother’s computer because she is determined to stand up for Tamika Pratt’s rights. She then publishes the bodycam video documenting Tamika’s demise.

The bodycam video paves the way for the young woman to receive justice. It paves the door for the Tamika movement’s Justice, which demands the detention of the guilty officer.


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