Why isn’t the gaming enterprise listening?

Multiple women have popped out in a guide of Atari’s co-founder after a viral marketing campaign stripped him of an award. Their words cast new mild on the history of the gaming industry, and why the judgment heaped upon one person can also have been unfair and reactionary.

It started out when the Game Developer’s Conference announced Nolan Bushnell might acquire its Pioneer Award. Within hours, dozens of humans on Twitter had been calling for the GDC to rethink its selection. They stated several interviews and written resources that describe the Atari places of work of the seventies (Bushnell’s era) as extra lax in nature that could be tolerated these days and said such behavior shouldn’t be celebrated in the months following the MeToo movement in opposition to sexual harassment and violence.


In interviews, Bushnell said things like, “Some women feel comfy around me, and a few don’t” and “We hired the great searching secretaries for that department.” and doing such things as naming the in-house model of Pong after an attractive lady worker.

The GDC rapidly rescinded the award. Bushnell made a statement on Twitter pronouncing he’s thrilled the industry is making such an effort to be more sensitive:

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Now the backlash towards the backlash is rolling in. In this case, more than one former lady “Atarians,” who labored for the employer throughout its maximum lax length, have popped out in support of Bushnell.

In a Kotaku article describing the early Atari running surroundings, several ladies had advantageous matters to mention approximately the business enterprise, its subculture, and the possibilities they have been given there. They didn’t deny any in-office antics, however, stated they rarely, if ever, felt disrespected or burdened at the same time as on the process.

The personnel has not constrained their comments to interviews, either. In a thread on the Atari Museum Facebook web page, numerous of the women shared their experiences:

“It changed into the 70’s, we had amusing. To my know-how, no person ever did whatever they did no longer need to do. At Atari, there was NO adverse work environment.” — Elaine Shirley

“We had been all young and full of goals for the destiny. Never once did I ever sense violated or assaulted by way of men or ladies. It changed into an amusing region to paintings and I cherish the recollections.” — Tanja King

“From my vantage point and having a primary-character perspective of this time and the Atari environment, what has been achieved to Nolan is falsely mischaracterizing him for a way of life that did no harm or wrong to everybody.” — Loni Reeder

“Yes, there were nicely deserved courtyard events, masses of pot, amusing within the warm bathtub, invitations to Nolans domestic for the maximum appropriate business enterprise parties. All the girls who labored in Engineering were sturdy willed hard operating determined girls.” — Cecille Wood-Leguillon


On the only hand, you may say that there’s no manner to account for the reports of all women who ever labored for Atari. We can never say with certainty no person became ever harm or burdened there. On the other, there are no names or maybe tales to connect to the allegations, handiest nostalgic recollections from the likes of Bushnell himself.

The MeToo motion stays a dominating pressure on social media, being a rallying cry at the back of which many can find the comfort of solidarity, inclusive of me. But this looks like the incorrect software of it. There are ladies being effected in the gaming industry now, who need the help and appreciation far greater than a set of women who say they weren’t victims.

The award’s detractors don’t say they want to erase Bushnell’s contributions, only to question the timing of worthwhile him in a “submit-MeToo” world. To which I ask: If no longer now, then while?

This feels like an overreaction wrapped up within the memory of desirable intentions. There’s no hearth right here — and, at high-quality, it’s only a tale about how a whole lot things have changed within the gaming industry within the intervening forty years.

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