Why Should You Opt for Automated Testing for Your Android App?

Unlike other famous mobile running structures like iOS and Windows Phone, Android is open supply. Google has released its cell running machine beneath open supply licenses. This feature makes it less complicated for mobile tool manufacturers to enter and personalize Android’s supply code to supply wonderful user revels. But the openness of the mobile platform makes it critical for builders to make sure that their cell programs function perfectly on extraordinary devices and more than one Android variation.

As an app developer, you have to effect a complete mobile software trying out a method to launch a worm-loose utility. However, you could either check the app manually or automate the trying-out efforts. Several reports have highlighted how an app developer can supply a high great product and get higher returns via automating his Android application trying out. At the same time, you can also automate your cellular checking-out efforts without investing a huge sum of money. There are also some of the reasons why you must opt for automatic testing of your Android app.

7 Reasons Why You Must Opt for Automated Android App Testing

1) Apps Must be tested on Many Devices

The Android gadgets completely range from every other. Each device is designed with distinct screen length, decision, shape element, processor commands, and Android model. Likewise, some devices are designed with special functions like the front digicam and outside keyboard. So it would help if you made certain that your app runs smoothly on many synthetic devices by using unique companies. The automated testing gear will make it easier for you to compare the app’s performance throughout many devices without putting in any extra time and effort.

2) Apps Must Run on Different Versions of Android

Apple permits customers to improve to the latest version of iOS without changing their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. But the Android users have to change their existing mobile gadgets to get entry to the maximum current cellular working device model. Often customers take the time to migrate to the modern-day version of Android. That is why; your cellular app should be like-minded with special variations of the cellular running device. You can check out tools to evaluate the app’s performance correctly throughout the exceptional Android version.

Three) All Tests must be completed by the Deadline

You want to perform an expansion of checks as part of the testing procedure to assess the Android app’s functions and functionality. Also, most of these exams must be finished within a stipulated time frame to shorten the market time. When you automate your trying-out efforts, it will become easier to complete all assessments within a shorter quantity of time. Also, you can use the equipment to execute the checks often and again and again to discover all flaws or defects within the software. The brief completion of assessments will assist you in lessening the time to the marketplace.

Four) Deliver a High Quality and Flawless Android Application

To get better ROI, you want to explore ways to grow the number of app downloads. Nowadays, every cell app’s profitability is without delay impacted with the aid of its great and user revel in. Each user expects the app to perform perfectly on his cell device and platform. You should examine all Android app elements to become aware of all defects and overall performance troubles. Trying out gear enables you to perceive and fix all app flaws within a shorter amount of time. Thus, you could automate the testing efforts to reinforce the app’s quality and person enjoy, for this reason, get higher returns.


5) Option to Use Open Source Android Testing Tools

Often builders have to spend money on each software program and hardware to automate their cellular testing efforts. But you still have some options to evaluate the Android app very well without investing in additional funds. You have the choice to select from several checking-out tools for Android. There are several open-source checking-out types of equipment that come with superior and progressive features. For instance, you can keep in mind using some of the famous open supply cells checking out tools for Android like Robotium, Monkeyrunner, Appium, selenoid, calabash-android, and UI Automator. You can use these tools without paying any licensing rate or royalty, at the same time as availing the help of a big community.

6) Option to Reuse Test Resources

You also have the option to reuse the check assets across more than one initiative. You can reuse the check scripts for several projects with minimum upkeep. Also, you may, without difficulty, extend the take a look at insurance without requiring any additional time. Some of the cloud-trying out platforms allow you to run greater checks without investing, moreover, in servers and different checking out gear. Thus, your initial investment in trying out gear will help you to test several Android apps without growing undertaking overheads. Also, you have to installation fewer guide testers as guide trying-out efforts have been reduced substantially.

7) Save Both Time and Money

Often cell app developers should discover approaches to keep both money and time. When you launch a bug-loose Android app, it will likely be simpler that allows you to sell it on various structures. The ideal consumer experience will similarly make the application famous via the word of mouth of customers. So you can, without problems, earn extra app download sales and get better ROI. Simultaneously, the automation of Android app checking out will similarly assist you in reducing time to the marketplace, despite running all exams. Unlike manual testers, the test automation tools can efficiently carry out all assessments faster and extra greenway. The gear also delivers greater reliability and correct check results that will help you make vital selections. Thus, it would help if you automated your Android checking out efforts to store each time and money.

03-testing-in-ci-process-opt.png (1431×731)

However, you have to arrange the automatic Android app checking out to reap advantages in terms of money and time. That is why; you should make and put into effect a custom-designed trying out a method to streamline the complete method. Also, you need to look for Android app testing first-rate practices to get extra reliable to look at effects and release a faultless utility. The first-rate practices will make it less complicated for you to extend the test coverage without delaying the product release.


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