Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men (Part IIIA)

An essential strength of any successful commercial enterprise is its ability to answer a clean, assured, and steady YES to the following question at all times: Are you clean to do commercial enterprise with?
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At first look (and each subsequent one, too), the query seems redundant or absurd. “Of path,” most business leaders would routinely reply to that bizarre inquiry, “we are quite clean to do commercial enterprise with. How are you able to ask this sort of stupid question?”

We will ask this type of ‘silly query’ because many corporations in the Beauty Industry aren’t smooth to do business with. Not in case you’re most of the hundreds of thousands of men who’re on the lookout for Masculine Face Care™ (or what the effeminate beauty industry refers to as men’s skincare) and shopping for revel in that is aligned with a person’s fundamental, masculine nature.

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For millions of masculine men across the US and the relaxation of the word – ‘doing business’ with the Beauty Industry is anything, however, clean. In reality, the spectrum degrees from humiliating to hellish.

Go Directly to Female-Centric Department Store Beauty Counters: Do Not Pass GO

Just as unlucky Monopoly® players are advised to “Go at once to Jail, do now not skip GO,” thousands and thousands of fellows stuck playing the Beauty Industry’s odd sport are given the equal ruthless ultimatum: “If you need to attend to your face, limit or prevent the visible symptoms of aging, or simply maintain your pores and skin healthy, clean and secure from the surroundings, and you want high nice products to do it – then cross without delay to branch shop splendor counters designed exclusively for the buying pride of contributors of the ‘contrary gender.’


And at the same time, as most guys could refuse to subject themselves to shopping for enjoyment that is absolutely against their nature and preference, there are a few who secretly obey this order because they have no other desire. They want to take care of their appearance, now not out of conceitedness, however, to advantage an extra facet in an ultra-aggressive environment – in which first impressions based on how he seems could make or ruin the deal of a lifetime, or prevent his possibilities of advancing romantically with she who’s the one before she equates a much less than a best first impression with having no chemistry…

These guys understand the need to preserve the visible signs and symptoms of aging at bay, to protect their pores and skin from the day-by-day shave, heat, bloodless, sun, and different environmental risks. However, they want to do it right, and so they’re selective approximately what they placed on their face. After all – whilst that first impact may additionally take mere seconds, it can be months, or years earlier than he receives a second danger (if at all), to overcome the preliminary rejection. Conventional expertise says that the opportunities which can be absolutely as soon as-in-a-lifetime, that form the trajectory of our existence route rarely come around two times.

Masculine men who need to benefit from every benefit deserve to have the same get right of entry to (as their woman counterparts) to the trendy and fine improvements in Masculine Face Care™ and anti-growing old technologies. Having no different options, secretly and shamefully, men slink into department shop splendor sections. They awkwardly purchase guys’ skincare and guys’ anti-aging merchandise as speedy as feasible – and then go away simply as speedy, earlier than they’re noticed via the spouse of an acquaintance, or worse, earlier than they’re stuck within the tractor beam of ever-soaring splendor consultants.

Another instance of the blatant dismiss of masculine consumers’ choice is the splendor industry’s Free Gift with Purchase incentives that might be promoted yr-spherical at department and specialty splendor shops. Let’s no longer even fake that the beauty enterprise invested much effort into incentives that might be tailored to guys. In reality, except for a few major holidays in which some brands might provide guys a tee blouse, duffle, or something similarly unimaginative, the rest of the year, guys who buy the same skincare brands as their lady counterpart can both select the oh-so-quite make-up bag packed with lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascara or nothing at all.

How is this possible? The solution is simple. The Beauty Industry is nicely aware that their retail surroundings are uninviting to masculine men. Men aren’t their bread-n-butter, and that they do not need to cater to you, even in case you are the meant quit-user of their guys’ pores and skincare products. Statistically, 70% of all guys’ pores and skincare products are bought with the aid of women, so the goal of these incentives is to lure women into buying for you, in place of constructing a courting with you – directly. Think of those girl-centric incentives as the Beauty Industry’s way of bribing (or recruiting) the women around you to spend mega greenbacks on guys’ skincare merchandise that they want her to convince (or nag) you into accepting.

Frankly, there are a whole lot of choice terms to explain what the Beauty Industry puts masculine men thru – ‘smooth shopping for experience isn’t always one of them.

The Drugstore Experience – Where the Entire Men’s Skin Care Section Fits into a Shoe Box.

Of path, some may argue: Well, what about drugstores? Men can go there and effortlessly get the men’s pores and skincare merchandise they want.

No, they can’t. Drugstores are not any more ‘men pleasant’ than department shops, but for extremely different reasons. You see, the Beauty Industry is all about ‘picture,’ and there is a very exact ‘hierarchy’ among department store and drugstore brands. Department saves manufacturers are considered ‘excessive cease (or status) products – generally with price tags that fit, but not always the substance that gives them an advantage.

Skincare and anti-getting older products bought at drug and mass products stores are normally regarded in the beauty enterprise as ‘low-give up’ products. While some manufacturers trap the finances shopper with the notion of ‘value,’ others are consistent with the antique adage – ‘once in a while, you get what you pay for.’ Brands apart, the simple truth is that while there are aisles and reputedly endless rows (or shelves) of girl-centric splendor merchandise in a regular keep, the whole guys’ pores and skincare segment (if one exists in any respect) should typically match in a shoe field. Unless of the route, you do not think of ladies splendor creams, shopping inside the women’s splendor section, or paying proper cash for pores and skin care products where masculine users’ wishes performed no part of their inception.

The On-Line Shopping Experience – and the Erosion of the Golden Rule of Retail Marketing: Put the Product within the Customer’s Hands.

Inside the Beauty Industry, there are also the ones who agree that on-line purchasing is the solution to the Beauty Industry’s Billion Dollar ‘Man Problem.’ If masculine men have a problem with department save beauty sections and give powder their nostril on the splendor counters (in which there is no way to buy – simply stress), they want now not pop out at all!

Beauty enterprise advocates accept as true that guys can really shop for men’s pores and skincare and guys anti-getting older products in their domestic comfort. There’s plenty of privateness (even more so if the package is brought in a simple brown bundle), lots of selection – try an online look for men’s pores and skincare and be extremely joyful with literally millions of internet results and thousands of manufacturers to sort via – some greater distinguished than others, and lots of that have their own set of hyperbolic claims – something to the effect x wide variety of customers observed x % of improvement in x number of days or weeks, plus the first-class print, normally a few blurbs about a manage institution and the way outcomes might also range.


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