Witness in activists deaths claims life in chance in Senegal

former Congolese policeman, Paul Mwilambwe, a prime suspect in the murder of eminent Human Rights activists has claimed that his existence is at risk.

The suspect who becomes indicted by a Senegalese courtroom stays inside the united states of America waiting for for similar trials in Dakar.

Mwilambwe who become a Major General in the Congolese police claimed to have witnessed the homicide of the famed Human Rights activist Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana. He fled to Senegal and later testified and denounced his personal participation in the murder.

Mwilambwe will quickly be tried in Senegal, wherein he has been in exile, beneath a regulation that lets in a prosecution of citizens for crimes devoted someplace else.

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But the UN’s investigator for extrajudicial executions, Philip Alston, advised the United Nations Human Rights Council that the homicide suggests reputable duty,’

Disclosure activists have been busy exposing grand deceptions perpetrated by the rich elite. Conspiracy researchers had been extremely a hit in uncovering the truth regarding authorities cover-ups.

One of the biggest conspiracies comes from historic expertise about the origins of the human race that shows we are a genetically changed species. The main (alternative) creationist principle rests on sure ancient writings and other statistics linking humanity to a master alien race known as the Annunaki.

There is also big suspicion inside the nonsecular network concerning a race of hybrid Reptilians infiltrating the very best social echelons. There are huge spread rumors that these Reptilian hybrids dominate over us. It’s feasible that the Reptilian hybrids subverted the Matrix Technology we created eons in the past.

Originally, “The Matrix” became known as “The Game of Life”. It was primarily based on digital fact generation. It changed into supposed to be used for enjoyment purposes. When the Game of lifestyles became conceived, individuals had complete consciousness of themselves inside the sport.

Later it changed into located that the “Game” can be used to take a look at human conduct. That’s whilst the Game of Life has become “The Human Experiment”.

The Matrix Technology has become extra state-of-the-art. Rules have been installed for people who needed to participate in those experiments. Life contracts had to be signed. This consists of karmic contracts and agreements regarding time and space. This become in keeping with scientific protocols.

At some point, the Reptilian hybrids (descendants of the Nagas – the snake humans) and other creatures, by hook or by crook usurped the Matrix Technology, They bribed the human spirits who operate this machine with guarantees of wealth and strength (deals and pacts with “evil spirits”). They devised grand deceptions to preserve us engaged in their devious scheme.

The concept of reincarnating time and again to “master the sport” is one in all the largest lies. The phantasm of duality is any other one. The concept of excellent versus evil and materialism have stored us captives of The Matrix for so long, even Old Souls cannot recall who they’re.

Disclosure activists have been instrumental in awakening humanity to its situation as a slave race. Humanity has started to reclaim its lost electricity and sovereignty. However, there are reviews of a fair extra sinister species at paintings within the global.

Stories about mysterious beings known as the “Shadow Gods” were circulating at some point in the arena huge internet within the past few years. I need to shed a touch mild on those unknown creatures.

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Unbeknownst to even the Ancient Gods, there’s a source of darkness that exists outdoor of our universe. They are the “ones who exist in the shadow lands”. Unlike the Ancient Gods, the Shadow Gods aren’t a part of our “story-line”. The Shadow Gods are not a part of the holographic Matrix. They stay in a “bad universe”.

The Shadow Gods regularly seem to us as the “Grim Reaper”, wraiths, or hooded dark spirits. It is viable these dark spirits are related to beings known as the “shadow humans”.

Reports of encounters with shadow human beings have been increasing in the past few years. Witnesses declare these beings appear to them as “curious observers”. They are every so often described as wearing hats. In a few situations, they have got end up competitive and adversarial.

The Shadow Gods are a ways greater malicious than any demon conceived inside the human thoughts. These beings aren’t spirits. Nor are they extraterrestrial beings. They have no souls. These shadow creatures are parasitic entities that feed on our terrible feelings. Therefore, they revel in our ache and struggling.

The Shadow Gods appear to be mainly interested in people with annoying stories, particular victims of sexual abuse. People with a history of sexual abuse commonly make claims about being stricken by shadow creatures.

The Shadow Gods cannot be destroyed or defeated. The simplest manner to lose your self from these psychic vampires is to get away the Matrix. By now, you ought to recognize that the pleasant manner to interrupt out of “The Matrix” is to stop playing its video games.

I can relate a non-public account of my very own enjoy with a shadow being that befell several years ago.

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One night time I became in mattress in bed with my former companion. It was after nighttime. The room became almost completely dark. The computer reveal in the 2nd bed room turned into on (on the other side of the residing room). So there was a faint glow inside the doorway. My associate got up to stroll to the rest room. Suddenly, she stated “Dave… Are you in the front of me? I stated “No. But I see what you imply.” In the entrance, I noticed the silhouette of a shadowy discern. This turned into unlike any person I’ve ever visible earlier than. I handiest noticed this being for multiple seconds. I become staring immediately at it. I can only say it regarded humanoid in look. This shadowy being had a superbly spherical formed head. It had a alternatively boxy form. It had hands, legs, and a massive frame. It had no distinguishing capabilities. What changed into amazing about it’s miles that this being appeared to be dimensional. My companion remarked that it became tall. It regarded to seem out of nowhere and disappeared very quickly. Neither of us felt this “entity” become threatening.


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