You Are Beautiful – Believe In It And Blossom!

I was requested to write down approximately the word ‘Beautiful’ for Ethereal Light’s Psychic Development Class and felt guided to put up my thoughts to Ezine. I actually have a feeling many want to hear these words. Always realize how special and exquisite you are.
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My virtue for the class turned into Beautiful, and It was given me questioning. What is beauty? Is it what you experience? Is it what you do? Does it outline a person?

In this age, we’re so concerned with splendor within the sense of the bodily. I marvel at what number of ought to stand in front of a mirror and notice the beauty they possess – their real beauty, past the physical and self-communication of ‘I’m fat,’ ‘I’m small,’ ‘I’m thin.’ Would they see their specific immortality, that their body is simplest a finite shell that the real beauty is saved inside? Would they see that they’re the Creator in their very own life – both God and Goddess, ideal, entire, and adorable in every sense of the phrase that they are a miracle, a living rainbow of coloration and illumination, right here to create and spread the love of the Divine.

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To me, splendor is recognizing and aligning with the Divine in all, which includes ourselves. As I take a seat right here, I see it in the trees’ inexperienced leaves as they reflect their lovely shadows against the window. I see it in the cloud-crammed sky, which although to some, can also seem gloomy, is vibrant and awe-inspiring. I see the splendor in watching my Cats play and in the song I’m listening to. If your heart is inclined and equipped to be open, beauty really may be found in the whole thing.

Here is a message from my Higher Self that can help some of you studying this – “Read now not into cloth beauty, no truths can be discovered there whilst only decisions reside. Let splendor be visible and trendy along with your coronary heart – your actual center of being. Reading yourself in opposition to others as a splendor is no extra a distinctive feature than a sin. See all as ‘stunning,’ after which you will be stunning. Stand sturdy inside the splendor you possess, for you keep it in abundance. Let it integrate and align for your divine essence. Be loose with it and let it shine through to others constantly. Recognize your own particular spark, for there aren’t any others like you. You are beautiful, usually have, and constantly can be.”


Real beauty starts of evolved on the interior, both bodily and religious beauty. Society spends a lot of time bombarding us with classified ads, approximately getting rid of wrinkles, dropping weight, and wearing appropriate clothes. We habitually neglect our inner beauty.

Since beauty really starts inside and REFLECTS outdoor, then we are not sincerely getting very far very speedy in terms of outer splendor with all those wrinkles, creams, and make-up.

Beauty is understood to us normally as “outside,” which means how superbly match your body is, how younger your face appears, how nice your nails are manicured, all bodily beauty. These items do not have a price, but a fair extra crucial value – our inner splendor – is out of stability and left out.

Why is inner beauty disregarded? Basically, because society as a collective entire does not spend an awful lot of time teaching us a way to understand it, not to mention nourish it.

What is inner splendor? Inner Splendor has two parts as well. One part is glaringly how properly you nourish your body nutritionally from the internal via what you eat. The 2nd element is a religious factor that has a deep appreciation and love for you being you. It is a really intellectual component of yourself seated in the center of your frame. It is likewise referred to as your beingness, your soul, and many different names.

This 2d element of internal splendor is how your beauty radiates outward. When the internal you feel happy and assured, you walk specific, hold your head up high, experience robust, and speak with others with warranty and electricity. These are just a fraction of the lovely traits that radiate outward whilst you get to realize the internal you – your inner beauty.

Spend some time reflecting inward and get to recognize yourself once more. Are you available in contact with that radiant, assured, loving being which you are, and you may be beautiful internal and out?

When you find out your own inner beauty will even find out your personal unique supply of happiness as nicely. Finding this source of happiness is strong and offers you the stability to like yourself and your existence, so you by no means concept viable. The extra you look glad and love your life, then the greater beautiful you feel. It is a related circle.


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