A new way to store time with text message templates on Android

If you know whatever about me, I’m all approximately saving time and making tech more efficient. One component that could usually use a strong productiveness booster-shot is inputting textual content from our cellular gadgets.

Déjà vu? Don’t worry: You aren’t losing your thoughts. (Well, OK, you might be. But no longer attributable to this, at least.) We’ve indeed pointed out the time wasted with cellphone textual content enter earlier than — no longer that long in the past, in fact, when we had been getting into the difficulty of macros and advanced text substitution. This week, even though there may be a good simpler way to create and use templates for common smartphone-primarily based responses, it is built properly into one of my favorite messaging apps.

A new way to store time with text message templates on Android 1

The app is known as Pulse, and it’s one of the excellent texting gear available on Android these days. I adore it because it makes cell messaging device-agnostic and universally available — the way it needs to be in default. With Pulse, you may view and get entry to your messages from almost any tool conceivable, which includes a couple of Android telephones and capsules as well as desktop computer systems. Your messages are usually synced and available everywhere you sign up, and it’s as easy to see or send a text from your pc as it’s miles out of your phone.

But that is all antique news. The motive I’m bringing this up nowadays is because of that new texting template feature — something that popped up in Pulse’s beta channel this week and made the productiveness-in search of part of my mind mild up with satisfaction.

Here’s how it works: When you’re viewing a message thread within Pulse, you tap the attachment icon to the left of the text field. From there, you choose the new template alternative that looks alongside the usual alternatives for such things as pictures, GIFs, and audio documents. (It’s that “Tt” icon at the far-proper of the attachment menu bar.

That pulls up Pulse’s new template menu, which helps you create any quantity of 1-contact templates for commonplace texting responses. You can make ’em as long or short, as easy or complex as you want. And once you have got your listing of templates made, using one is as easy as starting that identical section and tapping the response you need to insert

The keyboard-based text substitution and gadget-extensive text growth gear we talked about before still have their place — particularly for the strength users among us — however, this setup’s simplicity and ease-of-use make it an outstanding alternative or addition for everyone seeking to beautify efficiency. After all, why waste time writing the identical stuff time and again when a character like this can do the dirty work for you?

Before you get ahead of yourself, even though, bear in mind: The new templates feature most effective to be had in Pulse’s beta channel as of now. Once you have got the app mounted, you could switch to the beta mode using journeying this web page. Or you can wait a few days till the feature makes its manner to the principal stable channel.

A new way to store time with text message templates on Android 2

Either manner, if you discover your self-typing the same sentiments too often in textual content messages (and let’s be honest — who does not?!), this new characteristic is something well worth attempting. And as an advantage, it is part of an app you have to arguably already be use of for ultimate texting enjoyment.

And that, my friends, is what we call a win-win, productivity-style.

(The Pulse app itself is completely free to apply on Android, though in case you need to take gain of its integrated backup and sync device — which is also what lets you access Pulse from other platforms and gadgets — you may pay either a dollar a month or $eleven for a lifetime license. You don’t forget our New Year’s decision, proper?

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A new way to store time with text message templates on Android 3

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