Google releases Gmail Go app for low-memory Android devices

Google has launched its Gmail app for Android Go, its low-memory Android construct for entry-level smartphones.
Gmail Go has identical features as the usual Gmail app, which reflects how Google has defined Android Go: It’s a full-featured Android enjoy with useless elements removed.
Google has released Gmail Go, its mail purchaser for low-memory Android devices.

Designed for Android smartphones with between 512 MB and 1 GB of RAM, Android Go and its like-minded Google apps have lower-reminiscence footprints and device necessities to make use clean on cheap, low-quit gadgets.
Android Go turned into made to be had to OEMs with the discharge of Android eight.1 in December 2017, and maybe determined on access-level devices worldwide, maximum predominantly in India, where the majority of Android customers with access to low-reminiscence gadgets are placed.

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Business customers seeking low-give-up telephones for traveling can employ Android Go, and Gmail Go as properly and are sure that the native Android Gmail patron might be available to them there.

Gmail Go: The same features, smaller package deal
Compare the Gmail and Gmail Go Google Play shop pages, and you will word only a few differences other than reproduction modifications.

Screenshots of the two apps are nearly identical (see under). The app descriptions do not let something slip approximately purposeful variations: Both have labeled inboxes, 15 GB of cloud storage, unsolicited mail filtering, and a couple of account assist.

The biggest distinction between the two, other than the fact that you have to tell Gmail Go to load snapshots (which it does not do on default to the storage area and facts), is the installation size. Android Community said Gmail Go handiest has a 9.Fifty-one MB download size and a 25 MB on-tool size; simultaneously, the entire Android version of Gmail has a 20.66 MB download length and forty-seven MB on-tool length as soon as hooked up.

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As our sister website ZDNet factors out, Google hasn’t revealed many different functions approximately Gmail Go’s availability or functions but based totally on the Google Play pages for it and the standard Gmail app, the practical differences can be negligible.

Few user-facing variations are probably Google’s purpose with Android Go, which it calls “the high-quality Android, constructed with new and reimagined apps.” The low-footprint Android Go isn’t supposed to offer an exclusive revel in, but to increase the capability to a bigger range of gadgets.

That’s good information for commercial enterprise travelers as properly—nobody wants to fear losing familiar, frequently work-crucial, cellphone functions while journeying abroad. If Gmail Go is any indicator that in all likelihood won’t be the case—you’ll get a stripped-down, much less visually exciting version of Android that capabilities the manner you’re used to.

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