Ivanti makes wonder buy of UEM company RES Software

Ivanti raised IT experts’ eyebrows with its second acquisition of a user environment control provider in a few years.

Avanti acquired RES Software on Wednesday for its automation generation and big global patron base, in line with the organization, which renamed itself after structures management company LANDesk merged with Heat Software earlier this yr. Avanti will hold to sell RES Software’s merchandise, use its personal, large guide teams to help RES customers, and offer exclusive product package combinations, CEO Steve Daly stated. Experts did not expect this deal because Avanti acquired some other user surroundings management (UEM) business enterprise, AppSense, in March 2016.


“Like many others, I am stunned with the aid of the acquisition,” said Rory Monaghan, an impartial consultant in Phoenix. “In my opinion, it is also a better general product than AppSense. If it becomes me, I might have just offered RES Software.”


RES Software units itself other than different UEM software program carriers thru its automation and identification control abilties. The reason for the RES ONE line of products is to keep IT specialists legwork by routinely assigning suitable guidelines to customers’ PCs and cellular gadgets once they onboard at an enterprise. The software program also establishes a virtual profile for every user to tune their credentials and disallow them to get admission to the corporate content material.

On the other hand, AppSense gives distinct safety functions, consisting of software whitelisting capabilities. Avanti plans to provide bundles with distinctive mixtures of stand on my own products from AppSense and RES Software, plus different technologies in its portfolio, to clients in the long term, Daly said.

Avanti offers multiple UEM products consisting of Endpoint Manager from LANDesk and DesktopNow from AppSense to control an organization’s PCs and help with OS migrations. The corporation’s important imparting is the IT Asset Management Suite for tracking hardware and software licenses, charges, lifecycles, and greater. It additionally gives patch management software such as Patch for Endpoints.

“In the next 30 to 60 days, we will have a clear roadmap for customers on how we’ll pass forward,” Daly said.

What comes next?

Ivanti will no longer stop any merchandise from RES Software and could retain to support existing clients, who can have to get right of entry to the same income and aid humans they have got now, Daly stated. Avanti has greater than 2,000 personnel, so there can be a larger support workforce globally than RES Software clients may be familiar with these days, he said.


“In the U.S., I actually have labored with many greater customers who used AppSense,” he said.

The motivation in the back of Ivan’s couple of acquisitions is to compete with large vendors within the UEM market, which includes Citrix and VMware, said Eric Klein, director of cellular software at VDC Research Group in Natick, Mass. Ivanti is a large company with extra than $500 million in revenue, Daly stated but is competing with large carriers well worth billions.

“They wanted to be a larger participant right here and move past what they obtained from AppSense,” Klein said. “They are placing themselves in an area to be a strong [end-user computing] participant.”

Ivanti will try and take marketplace proportion from each VMware and Citrix amongst medium-length corporations and use its mixture of obtained technology to draw them, Klein stated.


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